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Blueprint LSAT Instructor Get-to-Know: Southern California II

With most of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s summer courses getting started this weekend, it’s time to wrap up our ongoing LSAT blog series, Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know.

We’ve had a lot of fun. It all started with New York LSAT prep instructorsMatt Shinners, Christian Benante, and Andy Kiersz. Then we learned about Boston and Washington DC LSAT prep instructors Laura Santoski and Mark Salvador, followed by Steve Homola, Patrick Moore, and Adam Kravatz in Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. The next installment highlighted Texas LSAT prep instructors Jessica Jackelen, Mark Kao, and Sam Huang. Then we checked out Bay area LSAT prep instructors Aaron Cohn, Nick Rey, Phil Belleau, and Ben DeGolia, followed by Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle LSAT prep instructors Dylan Gadek, Nick McIntosh, and Yuko Sin.

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Enroll in Our LSAT Prep Winter Course (Now IOS-Compatible)

If you’re taking the December LSAT, time is of the essence. LSAT test day is a mere four days away. But if you stuck to your LSAT study schedule, I’m sure you’ll get an LSAT score to your liking.

Now, if you want to take the February LSAT and need a Blueprint LSAT Prep course to prepare you for it, time is also of the essence in terms of signing up. Our winter LSAT prep classes begin Sunday, Dec. 2 in the following locations with the corresponding instructors:

Berkeley LSAT Prep Course — Aaron Cohn

UCLA LSAT Prep Course — Dan McCarthy

USC LSAT Prep Course — Spencer Robins

Irvine LSAT Prep Course — Jay Donnell