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What caused the yuge increase in LSAT-takers this June?

According to LSAC, the number of LSAT takers was up 20% from June of last year. In the four or five years since I became more attentive to LSAT trends, I can’t remember very many jumps as significant as this one. This post is going to discuss a few factors that may have played into the increase in test-takers.

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Is law school your way to #resist?

You think you want to go to law school to fight the Tangerine Voldemort in court?

Maybe you were inspired by the stories of lawyers camping out at the JFK International McDonalds trying to get immigrants, international students, and refugees out of detention? Or was it the judges who struck down Trump’s travel ban? What about Mexican-American judge in the Trump University case?


Milo, Cal, and Trump

You may have heard that Breitbart alum and Twitter-troll-so-trolly-that-he-was-banned-from-Twitter Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley last night. You might also know that violent protestors blocked that speech by creating chaos including lighting fires. Finally, you might know that President Trump blasted out an angry tweet threatening to withhold federal funding for Cal as a result.

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CREW v. Trump

Soon you’ll start your law school journey. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to take constitutional law in your first year, you’ll be very happy to find out about Erwin Chemerinsky, the author of the most widely used con law supplement around. Don’t buy the casebook, buy Chemerinsky’s supplement instead.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.28.15

A. USC, following the lead of some other law schools, has implemented a program to help first-generation law students navigate law school and the hunt for lawyer jobs. LA Times
B. New Samsung phones on the horizon, if you’re in to that kind of thing. c|net
C. Al Jazeera claims that Peyton Manning used human growth hormone. Peyton Manning claims that Peyton Manning most certainly did not use human growth hormone. Whom do you believe? Huffington Post
D. Saudi Arabia has jacked up the price of gasoline for its residents by an outrageous 50% — to about $1 per gallon. Yahoo
E. The best new uses of the English language in 2015, and, of course, Donald Trump played a key role. NPR

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Logical Reasonings / 12.17.15

A. We here at blueprint just cannot wait until President Putin and President Trump going shirtless horseback riding together. Washington Post
B. Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli – the dude who got rich in part by making life saving drugs too expensive for those who need them – has been arrested. Planet earth is currently celebrating. New York Times
C. In yesterday’s Logical Reasonings, we informed you that law school enrollments continued their decline last year. Here’s a little more detail on the disclosures released by law schools on Tuesday. Above the Law
D. The ten must-have apps, as ranked by Mashable. One is a zombie-themed fitness app (yep). Mashable
E. Why on earth did it take twenty years to get a spin-off of Full House? People Magazine

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Logical Reasonings / 12.14.15

A. Donald Trump’s as awesome at getting a medical exam as he is at everything else. How does he do it? The Daily Beast
B. That drone you’re getting for Christmas? You have to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration. And you may want to get insurance too. Chicago Tribune
C. Apparently you can go to law school and play college hoops at the same time. You wish you were Braeden Anderson. NCAA.com
D. Not-at-all-sorry Bill Cosby files lawsuit against seven of his accusers. The yuck factor is off the charts here. CNN
E. Seattle is the first major city to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize. Interesting times, indeed. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 12.11.15

A. Google is giving away Star Wars themed virtual reality viewers! Calm down; it’s just a piece of cardboard. Venture Beat
B. A piece of metal went through a BMW windshield. It’s significantly bigger than you’re imagining. ABC News
C. Bald eagle attacks Donald Trump. Buzzfeed
D. This fine gentleman was swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell about it. Unfortunately, he forgot to take a selfie from inside the hippo. Huffington Post
E. You knew it wasn’t over. Steve Sarkisian has sued USC over his firing. ESPN