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Our Fallacious World: California’s Proposition 23

When studying for the LSAT it’s easy to think fallacies are akin to other formal definitions and procedures we learn in college; important for a narrowly specified purpose in the short term, but otherwise largely irrelevant to our lives.

At Blueprint, our view is different.  We think fallacious reasoning exists outside of the rarified world of the LSAT and that, at times, it can rear its ugly head and infect even the most level-headed of us.

Various circumstances encourage poor reasoning, but chief among these are politics and religion.  Our etiquette conveniently holds that we shouldn’t talk about such things so that we publicly justify our inchoate intuitions about the existence of god or the wisdom of universal health care.


A Better Today: Our Candidacy for Bell City Council

It has come to our attention that three vacancies on the Bell, California City Council have opened in the last few days due to citizen unrest over the salaries of certain council members. The positions were left vacant by departing Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo, Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia, and Police Chief Randy Adams, who each made upwards of $350,000, with Rizzo clocking in at a solid $787,000 (almost twice the salary of Barack Obama).

Rizzo, after retirement, will make $650,000 per year with his pension, in perpetuity. His will be the highest pension in the state pension system. The other two, Adams and Spaccia, will make $410,000 and $250,000 respectively per year in retirement which is, as we like to say, nothing to sneer at.