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What caused the yuge increase in LSAT-takers this June?

According to LSAC, the number of LSAT takers was up 20% from June of last year. In the four or five years since I became more attentive to LSAT trends, I can’t remember very many jumps as significant as this one. This post is going to discuss a few factors that may have played into the increase in test-takers.

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Is the LSAT Bouncing Back?

LSAC recently released data about the February LSAT, and the number of people who took the February exam increased by 4.4% (as compared to the number of test-takers in February 2014) — one of the biggest percentage increases in years.

This isn’t the only increase we’ve seen recently – in February 2014, the percentage of test-takers increased by 1.1% over the previous February test, and the percentage of people who took the December 2014 LSAT increased by 0.8% relative to December 2013. The jump in February test-takers is significant mainly because it’s so much larger than those other increases. It’s also worth noting that this is the first time in over five years that the number of test-takers has increased in two consecutive test administrations.

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From the Archives: What the Increase in LSAT Takers Means

With the release of February LSAT scores came news that the number of test-takers increased by 4.4%. That may not seem like much, but it’s only the third time in the last nineteen LSAT administrations that we’ve seen an upward tick in registrations — and all three came within the last five tests. To give us an idea of what this means for the next round of law school applicants, let’s dig into the archives for our thoughts on the first increase from one year ago.

About 200 more people sat for the February LSAT in 2014 than for the February 2013 LSAT. What does this mean? Are law school application numbers on their way to recovery? Probably. Will law school admissions become more competitive? Yup.

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