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An Unsettling PSA: Your Test Day May Not Go Perfectly

A test that has been administered on pen and paper for decades goes digital … what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, quite a lot! Test-day horror stories from LSAT takers ever since the big September digital switch have been terrifying: three-hour check in queues, tablets malfunctioning, proctors reading outdated instructions … anything can happen!

Although we don’t want to drive you into a panic just a few days before your test, we want to make sure you are prepared in case something does go wrong.

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You Got This: How to Get Prepared for the Big Day Tomorrow

You’ve (almost) made it. Tomorrow’s the big day. The day you’ve been dreading looking forward to since you plodded through your first logic game. But whether you’re an anxious test-taker or an adrenaline junkie who lives for the thrill of the challenge, it’s only one more sleep until the September LSAT. Hey, don’t make that face! C’mon with me, we’re gonna walk through how to make it through today together.

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Blueprint’s Guide to LSAT Test Centers

Fall 2019 Update: We’ve updated this ever-growing list of test center reviews to include test centers listed for the September, October, and November 2019 LSAT. We’ve also added Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, and Portland to the list of cities we’ve included. We believe this is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use LSAT test center review guide on the internet.

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What to Do the Day Before Test Day

Finally, after months of breathless anticipation and/or looming dread, it’s almost here — the big day. Of course, we’re referring the day before your LSAT.

It will be a momentous day — one that, in the future, you’ll remember as the day before you crushed the LSAT. Here’s how to spend it in order to achieve maximum crushing the test the following day.

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Last Week Before the January 2019 LSAT Checklist

For January 2019 LSAT-takers, there are roughly 168 hours (that’s one week) standing between you and your dream score. With so much to keep in your brain until exam day, I want to relieve you of some of the effort of figuring out everything you have left to do in your last week before the exam. There are some things you absolutely need to do before you can take the exam, and there are a few more things that I highly recommend that you do in your last week in order to give yourself the best preparation for the LSAT.

This is my checklist of all of those things you should do in your week before the LSAT:

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Blueprint’s Guide to LSAT Test Centers, Winter 2019

Winter 2019 Update: With LSAC amending their list of test centers for the January 2019 LSAT, we decided to update our guide to LSAC’s test centers. Below, we have every information on every test center within a 100 mile radius of the locations where we hold our classroom courses. This is our most comprehensive guide to date.

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What I Wish I Knew About Test Day Before Taking the LSAT

While I was studying for the LSAT, I put a lot of stock in each practice exam score and even the individual questions I was practicing. Since the practice tests are one of the best indicators of how you’ll perform on the exam, I’d grade my practice exams with enormous stress and anticipation, as if those practice versions were going to determine my future. One thing I didn’t think about enough before taking the LSAT was how the actual test day would be different from practice. This is what I wish I knew about test day:

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Cell Phones Will Be Permitted at Certain Test Centers for the September 2018 Exam

After twenty-seven years of a hardline position on cell phones, LSAC is finally softening its approach. Maybe.

For pretty much the entire history of the LSAT, cell phones were strictly verboten in LSAT test centers. From the Zach Morris-endorsed juggernauts in the early 90s, to the iconic Nokia bricks at the turn of millennium, to the bedazzled Motorola Razrs of the early aughts, to the BBM-enabled BlackBerrys that prefigured the current objects of our collective screen addiction, cell phones have always been prohibited at test centers. In fact, they still are. But for the September 2018 LSAT, LSAC is launching a pilot program at some test centers that will allow test takers to bring their phones into the room.