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Logical Reasonings / 2.13.15

A) Two Minnesota law schools are merging. Hopefully no one gets left out in the cold. (Minnesota is cold.) National Jurist

B) A study group can help you survive law school. And community college. Ms. JD

C) Will bad first semester grades tank your legal career? About.com

D) An unhinged law clerk filed a lawsuit against his own judge. So… no job recommendation, then? Above the Law

E) If our Valentines don’t properly sum up where your relationship stands, maybe one of these will. Huffington Post Comedy

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Logical Reasonings / 9.22.14

Law School Lowdown has some advice for second-time applicants and bored 1L’s. US News and World Report

Speaking of 1L’s, here’s a study group you need a notary to join. Above The Law

Law schools are continuing to build out, even as enrollment shrinks. National Law Journal

About half the country favors legalization of same-sex marriage. Wall Street Journal

A news anchor quits on live TV, instantly becomes an internet hero. Grantland

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New Law School Rankings! Based on…Social Lives?

At first blush, most of you wouldn’t exactly consider law school and social life being in the same sentence, let alone the same physical space. After all, law school is meant to be the abandonment of all things social, forsaking fun for long evenings spent poring over casebooks and briefs. And yet, GraduatePrograms.com decided it’d