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Avoiding the Lonely Lawyer Trap Begins in Law School

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review found that lawyers were in the loneliest profession. And while this info might make you think twice about choosing a career in the law, those of us who are determined to stick with a legal career should still be asking, where does this issue of lonely lawyers come from?

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Managing LSAT Stress with Self-Care

Studying for the LSAT is like getting ready for an athletic event. To perform at your best, your body and mind need to be sharp. Here are some tips from a veteran LSAT instructor.

1. Get enough sleep

Nothing is more important. You need to sleep or else all sorts of things will go wrong with your body and ability to learn. Lack of sleep negatively affects your intelligence.

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From the Vaults: Maintaining Mental Health At Law School

February 1 of a student’s first year is, statistically, the most depressing day in law school. With that backdrop in mind, I, as a first year student in the midst of the (objectively) unhappiest period of law school, have some thoughts.

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Five Stress-Reduction Tips for the February LSAT

There’s just a little more than two weeks to go before the February LSAT. The pressure is on, the clock is ticking, etc., etc. Most students in our classroom courses have completed Lesson 13 by now – the last lesson with new subject matter – and so it’s time to review and practice under time pressure. Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows that preparing psychologically for the exam is just as important.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.7.15

A. Pharma bro Martin Shkreli regrets raising the price of a life saving drug from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. He should’ve raised it higher, apparently. CBS News
B. Kim and Kanye have announced the name of their new bundle of joy, Saint West. Here at Blueprint, we had money on Mid West. Other possibilities we’d considered: Old West, Go West, and Best West. Mashable
C. The US Department of Justice will investigate the Chicago Police Department. ABA Journal
D. A new study claims that Stonehenge was built in Wales, then dismantled and brought to England for reassembly. Sounds like a big waste of time. Discovery News
E. You may be feeling depressed and/or anxious after Saturday’s LSAT. Here’s what Buzzfeed thinks you ought to do about it. Buzzfeed


Black Friday Shopping List for the Stressed LSAT Taker

With Black Friday around the corner, and the test a mere week later, it’s the perfect time to get some presents for the stressed-out LSAT taker. This list keeps in mind that, by the time they receive their gifts, LSAT takers will still be ramping down from the stress of taking the test while still having low-level stress from knowing that results are waiting for them a week and a half away.

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Maintaining Mental Health At Law School

Above The Law, a legal blog, recently published a fairly disheartening article analyzing a Yale survey study depression and poor mental health in law school. I first read the article shortly after attending a lecture where the speaker told us that February 1 of a student’s first year is, statistically, the most depressing day in law school. With that backdrop in mind, I, as a first year student in the midst of the (objectively) unhappiest period of law school, have some thoughts on the article.

I wish I could tell you I’m surprised by the findings discussed at Above the Law. But I’m not.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.15.15

A) Law school scholarships are overwhelmingly merit-based, and not need-based. National Jurist

B) A troubling report from Yale connects law school stress and depression. Above The Law

C) How to cope with bad law school grades. Surprisingly, Jack Daniels is nowhere on the list. Law School Toolbox

D) What the new rules on Cuba mean for Americans. Lots of very interesting and potentially impor– AW SCREW IT, RUM AND CIGARS, BABY!!! Wall Street Journal

E) A genius just turned 23 Twitter accounts into a thrilling (and grisly) Choose Your Own Adventure story. AV Club

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Logical Reasonings / 11.3.14

How many law schools should you be applying to, anyway? US News & World Report

4 ways to beat law school application stress. The Girls Guide to Law School

When the stress of law school gets you down, the best thing to do is take a a couple of deep breaths and put everything in perspective. OR FREAK OUT ABOUT YOUR STOLEN APPLE!!!!! Above The Law

The politics of net neutrality are complicated, boring, and important. Wall Street Journal

We probably live in a multiverse. That means there’s another version of me posting this same blog except he’s green or something. Cool. io9

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Don’t Let Anxiety Drive Law School Applications

I am writing to you from my happy place – I’m in Palm Springs. It’s good to get away sometimes, get out of the grind, and open myself up to new ideas. All week, I’ve known I wanted to (had to) write this article about anxiety, but until I got away, to a new place, I didn’t feel ready. New surroundings help clear my head. Heck, even an hour-long yoga class or the rare treat of a massage – anything that gives me time to let my thoughts emerge tends to result in my best ideas.

Which leads me to the whole point of this article: you need freedom to think in order to make good decisions about everything in the law school admission process, whether how to prepare for the LSAT or deciding what’s most important to you in a law school or what to write about in your personal statement – these are not decisions that can be made well under pressure.