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A Complete Guide to When Stronger or Weaker Answers Are “Better”

For some kinds of Logical Reasoning questions, stronger answers are better. For others, weaker answers are better. Are you having trouble keeping track of which ones are which? If you’re trying to memorize it one question type at a time, all of this will get much easier if you understand one simple rule. Here’s the fundamental principle.


The FAQs for Soft MBTs: Part 2

Earlier this week, we went over the basics of Soft Must Be True questions to help you get started on this super prevalent question type. Now that we have the ins and outs of Soft Must Be True 101 covered, we’re going to get into some advanced strategies to help you master these questions. So let’s get started with Part 2 of the FAQs of Soft MBTs.


The FAQs for Soft MBTs: Part 1

If you’ve just started a Blueprint course — or if you otherwise have a reasonable study plan that includes learning a sound strategic approach for each Logical Reasoning question type — you’ve probably just encountered the Soft Must Be True question. You know, the ones that say stuff like “If the above statements are true, which of the following is most strongly supported?”

This post is going to give you some advice to firm up your approach to these Soft Must Be True questions. All it takes a hardened resolve and solid practice, and these can become, more or less, Softball Must Be True questions.