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Your LSAT Horoscope

I’m so glad you’ve come to seek the advice of the stars today. Some people want the input of the cosmos to help interpret their romantic futures, their tangled pasts, or their upcoming fortunes. But here, we’re looking to interpret a more … intellectual puzzle. What can your astrological sign tell you about your approach to the LSAT? So come in, come in. Let’s see what the celestial bodies have to say about your study habits.

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Managing LSAT Stress with Self-Care

Studying for the LSAT is like getting ready for an athletic event. To perform at your best, your body and mind need to be sharp. Here are some tips from a veteran LSAT instructor.

1. Get enough sleep

Nothing is more important. You need to sleep or else all sorts of things will go wrong with your body and ability to learn. Lack of sleep negatively affects your intelligence.