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What to Do When You Don’t Feel Ready for a Fast-Approaching LSAT

At some point, somewhere in the two to four months before the date of an LSAT administration, you made a decision: you are going to take the LSAT. You create an LSAC account, part with 200 hard-earned US dollars, select a nearby test center, and reserve your spot to take the LSAT. And thus your studies began.

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July LSAT Scores Are Out! … Now What?

JULY SCORES ARE OUT!!!! Yes, that’s right! Per LSAC’s shocking announcement last week, July LSAT scores were released one week early! If you haven’t checked your score yet, head on over to your inbox and/or LSAC account!

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You Didn’t Get The Score You Wanted. Now What?

January LSAT scores were released today, which means that after weeks of impatient waiting and hours of frantic email-refreshing, January test-takers have finally met their fates. Every time LSAC releases LSAT scores, recipients fall roughly into one of three camps:

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Thinking About Retaking the LSAT?

September LSAT scores are due back at the end of the end of the month, and if you were among the many who capped off your summer by taking that test], you may now be facing the quintessential existential conundrum of whether to retake the test in November. If so, here are some things to ponder while you twiddle your thumbs awaiting your score: