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October 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival

We just celebrated a week of Halloween, but the party isn’t over. If you’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit after taking the October 2019 LSAT this Monday, you are invited to the best party of the week. So clear the gunk from your reddened eyes, wipe that melted chocolate off your mouth, rub that Joker make-up off your face, and get ready for our favorite kind of party — a carnival!

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Your October 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

We’re on day four of celebrating Halloween — and, it should be noted, it is not even Halloween yet — and some pre-law folk are getting into the holiday spirit today by visiting one of the most haunted “houses” of them all: an LSAT test center. As you are undoubtedly aware, today is the October 2019 LSAT, the first October LSAT since 2015. And, given its proximity to All Hallows’ Eve, it’s the spookiest LSAT, by far. For all those pre-law folk who are now emerging from classrooms, hotel conference rooms, or wherever you took this test, you deserve a well-earned congratulations, irrespective of whether you’ve mastered all the tricks to make this exam a treat.

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Predictions for the October 2019 LSAT

The October 28th LSAT — obviously the spookiest LSAT, given its proximity to Halloween — is nigh. And that means it’s time once again for Most Strongly Supported’s LSAT prognosticator to play a little seasonally appropriate dress up; today, our in-house prognosticator will don his fortune teller costume, dust off his crystal ball, shuffle his tarot cards, do whatever it is one does with tea leaves before reading them, and predict what’s going to be on the upcoming LSAT.

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October LSAT Test Centers Are Almost Full!

As far as months go, October is a great month. The weather will finally get pleasant, pumpkin spice everything is everywhere…. and let us not forget, HALLOWEEN IS IN OCTOBER!!! What’s not to love? Well…. there is one thing: the lack of available LSAT test centers. Yup, you heard that right, we said lack of available LSAT test centers. Let us explain.

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To Retake the LSAT or Not Retake the LSAT?

With October LSAT scores out this week, I’m sure many of you are either kicking back with a well-deserved beer or else grinding away wrapping up your applications. Here, however, I’d like to address those among us with a less than happy outcome

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Boo! LSAC Releases Some Spooky October 2015 LSAT Scores

This week, LSAC decided to up the late-October spookiness level by releasing scores for the October 2015 LSAT.

I’ll get right to the number that has all of you on the edge of your seats: The curve was -12, meaning that of the 101 scored questions on the test, you needed to get 89 correct for a 170. For a 160, you needed to get 73 or 74 questions correct. For the keenly interested, here’s the score conversion table.

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October LSAT: The Morning Cometh

Those taking the October 2015 LSAT have run the gauntlet and emerged on the other side, (hopefully) relatively unscathed. As post-LSAT-celebration hangovers subside, let’s delve into the chatter we’ve heard about the October 2015 LSAT. We’ve heard multiple reports that one of the Logical Reasoning sections was especially difficult, which is unusual – we often hear that there were a couple really tricky Logical Reasoning questions on the test, but it’s atypical to hear that an overall section was especially tough. In addition, we’ve heard rumors that there were no Main Point questions in Logical Reasoning, which doesn’t often happen – Main Point questions are far from the most common question type, but you can generally count on at least a few per test.

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October 2015 LSAT Instant Recap

Huzzah! You’re done with the October 2015 LSAT!


We know that you probably don’t ever want to think about the LSAT again. But before you begin your well-deserved celebrations, take a moment to tell us how it went.

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What to Do During October LSAT Crunch Time

You have about three and a half weeks before the October LSAT. It’s crunch time. But you’re probably busy with school, work, or both. What to do, what to do? Well, here are some tips.

Focus On Logic Games

The Logic Games section is the most learnable part of the LSAT. There’s nothing optional about the games strategies you’ve learned. You have to know and master all of them. You don’t have the time to freestyle it. Don’t know the difference between an overbooked and an underbooked game, and why it matters? Go back and review. Don’t know how to play the numbers? Go back and review.

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The LSAT Preseason Is Over

The NFL regular season begins tonight. The preseason, an annual four-game exercise devoted to figuring out roster spots and fleecing season ticket holders, is over. Starting tonight, there will be much less talk of deflated balls and the extent to which said balls merit punishment for the alleged deflators, and much more talk of who’s winning and losing.

It just so happens that the shift from the preseason to the regular season coincides with a shift in how those studying for the October LSAT should view their practice tests. Of course, on the LSAT, nothing counts until the real thing, but there are parallels nonetheless.