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November 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival

You must be exhausted from partying at this point. You celebrated finishing the November LSAT, then partied the Wednesday before Thanksgiving where you invariably reconnected with some high school acquaintances at the hometown watering hole, and then finally feted during Thanksgiving itself. You have been lit off the LSAT celebrations, smacked by the small talk, turnt off the tryptophan, and now you probably just want some sleep. But rest must wait, at least for now. For better or worse, the LSAC powers that be decided to tether this year’s LSAC schedule to American holidays. So just as the October test takers had to endure our post-exam festivities after a week of over-celebration, all you November test takers must now endure our favorite kind of party — a mandatory one. One we’re calling our post-exam carnival.

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November 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

Many congrats to all those who just completed the November 2019 LSAT, all those who were permitted to take it, anyway. We hope the celebration carries you through the week, to the Wednesday you inevitably see people from your high school to Thanksgiving to Black Friday and, if we’re still calling it this, Cyber Monday. Toast to peptides and microchips while listening to jazz as a projection of an old film plays. Feel like you earned this week’s feast.

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Predictions for the November 2019 LSAT

The November LSAT is just around the corner — once this weekend bends back around into another week, it’ll officially be test day. And that, of course means that our in-house prognosticator (i.e., me) must emerge from his dark and dank LSAT bunker, dust off a discount-bin, ersatz crystal ball, and make some predictions about what will be on the November exam.

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Fall Into LSAT Prep

We know, we know…it’s not cool to skip seasons or holidays. Just because summer is a distant memory, does not mean we should start pulling out the Christmas decorations. And yet, we’re already looking past Halloween in anticipation of the November LSAT. The fact is, classes to prep for the November LSAT are starting soon

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The Morning Cometh: The November 2018 LSAT Recap

Congrats to all the November 2018 LSAT test takers! You did it! And by “it,” we mean you survived the LSAT. Of course, the LSAT has a pretty high survival rate. In fact, taking the LSAT is one of the safest ways to spend a Saturday morning, all things considered. Especially when the LSAC takes special precautions to close test centers that present any chance of natural disaster-created peril.

But, of course, hopefully you did more than merely survive the exam. Hopefully you did so well on it that this exam will catapult you right into law school. Maybe you feel that way! We certainly hope so! Or, maybe, you feel the exam was less an aspirational catapult that launches you into your dream school or more of a humiliating Japanese game show-style catapult that launches you into a tank of fetid water.

Either way, you probably want a space to talk about this exam. And that’s what this blog is for. As we do for every LSAT, we’ll summarize the post-exam chatter we’ve heard about the test. So see what your fellow test takers have been saying about the exam, and share your own experiences in the comment section!

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Tonight’s the Deadline to Sign Up for the November 2018 LSAT!

The weather is getting gloomier, the days are getting shorter, and summer is clearly in the rearview. I, for one, am gearing up for a hearty helping of seasonal affective disorder. And for those of you thinking about taking the LSAT, I have one more bit of cheery news: the deadline to sign up for the November LSAT is tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern.

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Last Call for Our Labor Day Sale!

If you spent your Labor Day weekend grubbing at barbecues, frolicking in bodies of water, or otherwise enjoying the waning days of summer — without a thought spent on the LSAT, applications, or your law school future — we can’t blame you. In fact, that’s why we extended our Labor Day Sale to today, Wednesday, September 5th. For all of you who spent your Labor Days on a momentary reprieve from all matter of work and planning, you have until tonight at 11:59 pm Pacific to take advantage of huge discounts on Blueprint’s LSAT courses.