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Grey Day for the March LSAT

Grey Day is coming. And no, that’s not a Game of Thrones reference. It’s the score release day, set for this Friday for the March 2019 LSAT. If you’re new to the LSAT score release process, there are a few things you should know about how scores get released.

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March 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival

If you like fun, revelry, and shared experiences, then today, my friend, you are in luck. Because today, we’re throwing a party. And not just any kind of party — a carnival. Which is easily the third- or fourth-best kind of party (easily topping parties of the housewarming, garden, and soirée variety, but probably falling short of birthday and surprise parties).

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Your March 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

A very deserved congratulations are in order to all those who just finished the March LSAT today! Now that you have slain the beast that is the Law School Admissions Test — or, failing that, at least are granted a momentary reprieve from your war against this exam, following a particularly difficult battle — we hope you can spend the rest of your weekend in a post-exam bliss, perhaps aided by the beverage of your choice.

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You Got This

We spend so much time at this blog talking to you — keeping you abreast of the latest law school admissions news, giving you LSAT advice, providing you some tips about law school applications. We never really ask you how you’re feeling. So … [slides up chair to you, turns it around so the backrest is nearest to you, and sits in chair backwards, leaning forward, arms draped over the top rail of the chair’s backrest, striking the archetypal “cool 90s teacher” pose] … how are you feeling?

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Should You Reschedule Your March LSAT?

Students signed up for the March 2019 LSAT have about 10 days left before the exam. I know this was the time before my own exam when the significance of the test really started to hit me, and by hit me, I mean I was panicking and thinking about rescheduling the exam for a later date. If you’re a March test taker tempted to push back your own exam, hold your horses and see if your situation fits one of the (relatively few) cases where rescheduling your exam actually makes sense.

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Today’s Your Last Chance to Sign Up for the March LSAT

February is one of my least favorite months of the year. The weather is dreary, the holiday hangover is still in effect, and no good movies are coming out (not to mention the commercialized bastardization of love that is Valentines day, but I digress). Some of you may find February distasteful for another reason — the looming specter of the March 2019 LSAT exam.

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Classes for One of the LSAT Paper LSATs Start Soon

For the lucky few in college, your winter break has come to an end. We say “lucky” because I don’t think anyone would mind checking out from the routine for three weeks. The start of the semester and the new year brings forth ambitious resolutions and some stark reminders. For those interested in going to law school, one of those reminders is to take (or to retake) the LSAT.

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Classes for the March LSAT … Starting Soon!

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a … lion that just aced its LSAT.

Oh, is that not how the saying goes? Because that’s how it works in our books, at least if that lion takes the best LSAT course ever created (at least, in our opinions, though we may be a little bit biased.)