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LSAT Mottos for Test Day

When I was a kid, my dad had the answer to every problem written on a little notecard. It had text on both sides, painstakingly typed, printed, and taped to the center of the card. One side read BREATHE IN, and the other BREATHE OUT.

He thinks he’s funny.

And lucky for all of you, I’ve inherited his sense of humor.

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A Look at the September 2019 LSAT

The scores for the September 2019 LSAT were released this Monday, a cause for celebration and consternation for those who took that test. But, for disclosed tests like September, score-release day is also test-release day. On these days, LSAC releases this exam to the public. Us LSAT instructors can marvel at a shiny new object, revel in the new games and passages as we journey through the exam, and attempt to identify trends that can help us discern what future exams may behold.

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Attack the Gap: Weakening Arguments on the LSAT

Sometimes you’re just sick and tiring of arguing all the time, and so even if the other person is wrong, you just let it go. Maybe even if you have the perfect rejoinder, albeit a bit too late. Unfortunately the LSAT doesn’t give us that option; when it tells us we need to attack an argument, we need to be ready to do so. And that brings us to Weaken Questions.

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Which LSAT Concepts to Nail Down Before School Starts Back Up

The start of the school year is coming up, and that means one very important thing: everyone is going to be asking you what you did all summer.

If you’re like me, and freak out in situations where you have to come up with your own answer to questions rather than picking the correct one out of five, I have great news for you. Studying for the LSAT can be editorialized into a perfect response to any inquiry in regards to your summer.

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The Deal with Outside Information on the LSAT

One of the cool things we’ve recently done at Blueprint is expand our online resources. Over the last year, we’ve instituted a live online course — a full LSAT course we teach through biweekly webinars — and office hours — free daily hangout sessions where instructors go over LSAT concepts and field questions. So after mostly teaching in dusty old classrooms, our instructors are now online, baby.

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An Easy Guide to Quantified Logic

If you’ve been studying for the LSAT for a while, you’re well acquainted with combining “all” statements, such as, “All fast food burgers are unhealthy,” or, “Doing well on the LSAT requires sacrificing your social life.” And to be honest, as long as you’re proficient with those types of statements, you’ll be A-OK on the LSAT.

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What Does This Answer Choice Even Mean?

Oscars last night I was struck how Academy voters selecting a Best Picture winner from a list of nominees isn’t all that different from an LSAT taker selecting a winner from a set of answer choices. In both cases, there are only a few choices to pick from. In both cases, it’s a hard choice. And in both cases, it’s pretty clear that a large percentage of people don’t quite understand every choice available to them.

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Your End-of-Year Review of the 2018 LSATs

You guys, it’s been another fantastic year of the LSAT in the book. Well, if you had to take the LSAT this year, “fantastic” might not be the word that immediately springs to mind. But, at any rate, this year is over. I mean, sure, we technically have eleven more days and two major holidays left to go in 2018 (three if you’re in a Commonwealth country — shouts to Boxing Day). But, for all LSAT-related intents and purposes, this year is over. The final LSAT came and went and was released. Registration for the next LSAT has closed. Our classes have been put on a momentary hiatus for the holidays.