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Jobless Law School Grads Suing Alma Maters

A few years ago, the United States experienced a recession (I really hope that isn’t news to anyone…). The legal market—like most industries—experienced a substantial decline as a result of the economic downturn. Many law students found themselves without employment after graduating. In an effort to recoup their losses, some students tried suing their schools. This post is going to provide a brief overview of those students’ lawsuits; then, it will segue into a discussion of how to maximize employment opportunities in the current legal market.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.10.15

A) If you’re prepping for the October 2015 LSAT, you’re going to want to check this out – the price of our online course just dropped. Blueprint LSAT

B) The legal industry added 200 jobs in July, continuing a trend of (modest) growth. American Lawyer

C) California legislators want to require law schools to disclose their graduation and dropout rates. Transparency FTW! L.A. Times

D) Ever the contrarian, North Korea wants to create its own time zone. The New York Times

E) The winners of the National Geographic travel photo contest have been announced, and the world is pretty damn beautiful. The Atlantic

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Logical Reasonings / 6.23.15

A) In defense of J.D. Advantage employment (by the Assistant Dean for Career Services at Penn State’s Dickinson Law). Huffington Post

B) Great news for Elle Woods: You can now get an LL.M. in Fashion Law from Fordham. Above the Law

C) Most unlikely headline subject matter of the week, thanks to the Supreme Court: Raisins. Washington Post

D) You know the sinking feeling you get when you realize you just sent that email to the wrong “John” in your contacts? Gmail is here to save you with their new “Undo Send” feature. Gizmodo

E) Have you ever wondered what the Jurassic World trailer would look life if all the dinosaurs in it were replaced with Dachshunds? No? Well, you can find out anyway. Canine Distractions

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Logical Reasonings / 2.10.14

A) You can still base your law school admissions hopes on estimating your February LSAT score. Just make sure it’s an accurate guess. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Solo practice incubator. It might sound strange, but for law school grads it’s actually a pretty cool way to ease into the legal job market. Cleveland.com.

C) “Operation: Angry Birds” wasn’t as fun as it sounds. CNN.

D) Dumb Starbucks is now open in LA, but should be closing as soon as lawyers get a taste. ABA Journal.

E) Ten years ago, Facebook was born. Here are its first 20 users. Business Insider.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.15.13

A) As we’ve been saying for a while, lower law school applicant numbers translates to more financial aid. CNN.

B) Even in the legal job market, there’s something to take advantage of. Wall Street Journal.

C) If you’ve followed all the recent law school résumé talk on the LSAT blog, you might be interested in the “shadow résumé.” Slate.

D) Drama in the art world, y’all. CNN.

E) Everyone loves optical illusions, but hates soccer. Time to compromise. Business Insider.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.24.13

A) The legal job market is still looking grim. Especially in California. Sacramento Bee.

B) If there’s one thing that looks bad on your law school résumé, it’s bird beheadings. LA Times.

C) Ah, the eternal question remains: Does yoga belong in schools? Huffington Post.

D) A judge in Illinois was charged with possession of heroin. At least he’s not the mayor. USA Today.

E) You won’t wish you were at Cannes if you saw what other movies are debuting there. Guardian.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.7.13

A) Most law schools seem to have no clue how to fix the legal job market. Most law schools aren’t Arizona State University. New York Times.

B) A Georgetown Law School donor wants his $7.5 million back. Question is: Does he have a receipt? ABA Journal.

C) You don’t see “judge” and “sexy messages” in news headlines very often. Today is your lucky day. MSN.

D) Check those tuna cans, everybody. There’s a recall. Boston.com.

E) If you like “Thrift Shop,” you’ll enjoy this acoustic mashup. No diggity. No doubt. YouTube.

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Possible Solution for Law Schools: Make Year Three Optional

There have been murmurs for some time now, but the discussion about giving law students the option to forgo a third year has been picking up steam. This op-ed piece in the New York Times makes a strong case for the option and it’s one with which I largely agree.

The most obvious reason to favor the optional third year of law school is the reduction of debt. With the American legal job market contracting through automation and outsourcing, the amount of debt with which law school graduates are saddled is becoming ever more onerous. Reducing that debt by a third would no doubt ease the squeeze a bit. Law school would become a more attractive post-graduate option, thus enlarging the potential pool of lawyers and arguably enriching the profession through a reduction in exclusivity.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.26.12

A) Did you grow up in the US illegally, and want to be a lawyer? Read more here. ABA Journal.

B) 2012 year in review: the highs and lows in the legal world. The National Law Journal.

C) The 2012 Global 100. Check out rankings of the most revenue, and most profits per partner. The American Lawyer.

D) Arizona’s Attorney General wants to protect schools by arming either the principal or another employee. The proposal is supported by several Arizona sheriffs. CNN.

E) What’s your greatest fear? If it deals with sharks, this might be your nightmare. BuzzFeed.