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Logical Reasonings / 7.30.15

A) In a move pretty much everyone can get behind, a Michigan lawyer quit lawyering in order to open a brewery. Click on Detroit

B) Meet South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof’s attorney. The Marshall Project

C) A toddler’s birthday party is making the news – the kid is so obsessed with a personal injury lawyer’s commercials that it was his party theme. BuzzFeed

D) There will be an actual blue moon on Friday – which won’t happen again until 2018. CNN

E) This panda may have faked a pregnancy in order to get access to better food. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 5.13.15

A) How to write a strong personal statement without sounding braggadocious. <-- New favorite word. Pen and Chisel

B) If you think you’ve read all the post-law school horror stories, wait until you get a load of this one about a young public defender who lived in his office for five months. Yikes. Above the Law

C) The lawyers who get paid the least are also the happiest. Boy, that homeless public defender must be REALLY happy! New York Times

D) A SCOTUS justice spoke with recent law school grads in New York. Her first name is Sonia — Miss Sotomayor if you’re nasty. Wall Street Journal

E) If you’re wondering why effects-driven blockbuster movies tend to disappoint, perhaps it’s because the filmmakers are ignoring the basic laws of reality when using CGI. Cracked

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Logical Reasonings / 5.7.15

A) If you’re having trouble deciding between law schools, consider if they have useful practicums. U.S. News & World Report

B) A crappy law school is being even crappier to their students by cancelling its post-graduation celebration. Crappy. Above the Law

C) Well, maybe ^those^ budget problems are real, because Charleston might not admit a class next year. Wall Street Journal

D) Why do lots of lawyers leave the profession? There are a lot of reasons, so make sure you anticipate these possibilities before you get to law school. About.com

E) The courts already dismissed yesterday’s Lady & Jesus vs. All Homosexuals lawsuit. That’s good, I guess, but seems like we’re all going to miss out on a lot of hilarity because of it. Advocate

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Logical Reasonings / 12.17.14

A) The big news of the day is the effort to normalize relations between the US and Cuba, and this White House fact sheet summarizes things nicely. WhiteHouse.gov

B) The ten best states for paying back your law school debt. States to live in, that is. The best state of being is probably “profitable.” Huffington Post

C) Established lawyers are looking down their noses at recent grads. Above The Law

D) A new model analyzing tidal patterns shows there’s a chance that three famed Alcatraz escapees could have possibly survived their attempt. Unforunately, it doesn’t analyze HOW COOL ESCAPING FROM ALCATRAZ IS. Washington Post

E) This dog was able to run for the first time in his life thanks to 3D printed prosthetic legs. Let this grow your heart, all you Grinches out there. The Dodo

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Logical Reasonings / 11.20.14

New labor statistics make the future job market look great for current law students. But is it real improvement or just fuzzy math? ABA Journal

What judges around the world wear. Hint: weird stuff. Lawyerist

The decline of bar exam scores has sparked some fierce debate. Wall Street Journal

A grad student is suing UConn over a scholarship bait-and-switch. Hartford Courant

An entertainment legend passed away last night. If you don’t know who Mike Nichols is, it’s time to learn. New York Times

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Logical Reasonings / 10.27.14

Check out this student loan calculator as you weigh your law school options. Washington Post

The median age of lawyers gets older. Hopefully they’re at least young at heart. The Legal Whiteboard

A new law school ranking system based on student surveys. GraduatePrograms.com

Kentucky’s creationist theme park is running into some legal troubles (in addition to its previous financial troubles and its obvious logic troubles). Slate

The Flaming Lips re-recorded Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (with Miley Cyrus???) and their lead singer tries to explain why. Fine line between experimentation and sacrilege, I guess. NPR

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Logical Reasonings / 9.26.14

A Yale undergrad offers her thoughts on tomorrow’s (!) LSAT. Yale Daily News

Five reasons law school is hard. Only five? About.com

Good news for those of you are totally bonkers: a loose screw might actually help your law career. Above the Law

Here’s a Google Chrome add-on that could very well become essential for law students. Bestlaw

8 normal activities that become bone-chillingly weird with eye contact. College Humor

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Logical Reasonings / 7.11.14

A) June LSAT test-takers were down 9.1% from last year. Law.com.

B) Law school enrollments are also down, but salaries are up. US News University Directory.

C) Non-traditional students shouldn’t have a tougher time applying to law school. Above the Law.

D) Any lawyers want to take on John Boehner’s suit against President Obama? Here’s his case. Vox.

E) Drones aren’t all bad. In fact, some take pretty rad photos. NPR.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.23.14

A) Good news: law firms are hiring law grads. Wall Street Journal.

B) Even better news: startups and engineering firms need lawyers, too. Law Admissions Lowdown.

C) Of course, if law school isn’t your thing, there’s always politics. Sun-Sentinel.

D) The Supreme Court’s busy week kicked off with a decision on the Environmental Protection Agency. National Law Journal.

E) There are some weird folks in America. Specifically, America’s public transit. Heavy.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.20.14

A) The employment rate for 2013 law school grads was 84.5 percent. Not bad, but not the best. Businessweek.

B) These law firms should be on the apply-to list for all female lawyers. Above the Law.

C) Here are the legal minds behind the Washington Redskins’ trademark lawsuit. Wall Street Journal.

D) Oh, good. The great white shark population off the East Coast is booming. Nature World News.

E) Rarely does a mugshot go viral for any reason other than the person looks insane. There’s a first time for everything. BuzzFeed.