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Logical Reasonings / 8.24.15

A) For this week only, you can get 20% off all tutoring through Blueprint LSAT Prep. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) Protip: Don’t ask a female lawyer if she’s “going through menopause.” (In fact, don’t ask any woman that – but especially not in front of a judge.) Lawyers for the Profession

C) This didn’t take long – a Canadian law firm has filed suit against the companies that own Ashley Madison. Time

D) Wiz Khalifa had an encounter with the policy because he refused to get off his hoverboard. To be fair, if I had a hoverboard I’d refuse to get off it too. Fox News

E) Female Trump supporters just feel more comfortable with a candidate who’s openly awful to them. The Onion

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Logical Reasonings / 7.25.14

A) What’s your favorite number? It might’ve shown up in this week in law school numbers. Law.com.

B) You can invite Supreme Court justices to your wedding. They won’t show, but they might send you a nice letter. Above the Law.

C) She-Hulk is taking a break from saving the world to focus on her lawyering career. ABA Journal.

D) And now, the legal ramifications of zombies not paying taxes. Redline.

E) Helium, meet Morgan Freeman. Digg.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.18.14

A) Fewer June LSAT test-takers? That’s great news for those who took it. Above the Law.

B) If you’re facing a judge, maybe wear something besides a shirt with her face on it. ABA Journal.

C) The former dictator of Panama is suing over his appearance in a Call of Duty video game. Businessweek.

D) Coming soon to Boston University School of Law: the Lawyering Lab. National Jurist.

E) Happy Slothsgiving, everyone. BuzzFeed.

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Fewer LSAT Takers = Less Competition

The number of LSAT test takers is at its lowest in years. You’ve probably already read what the New York Times thinks this means for lower-tier law schools. You may read that article and think that the legal profession in America is dead. You may see gloom, doom, and any number of other cold pricklies. Well, here’s a warm fuzzy: your competition pool just got smaller.

In other words, if you are among those who still have a strong desire to enter the legal profession, and thus also go to law school, the ball is now more than ever in your court. And your incentive to be a stellar LSAT test taker is thus also greater.

As many of us know, the LSAT comprises a large chunk of the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Schools, for better or worse, care a lot about these rankings. The better your LSAT test score, the more desirable an applicant you become.