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And Now, THE Greatest Lawyer Movie of All Time

When I set out on this project almost a year ago, I had many questions: What are the greatest lawyer movies ever? What makes a great lawyer movie great? And how long would Blueprint actually let me keep this up?

Since then, I’ve watched 24 lawyer movies, most of them from the ABA’s Top 25 list. Below, I have attempted to summarize my findings and reflections.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Amistad

Movie lawyers have battled discrimination, hate speech, corporate malfeasance, political corruption, and even Santa skepticism. It is hard to imagine a court case with higher stakes, however, than that at the center of #24 on the ABA Top 25

1997 dir. Steven Spielberg

In 1839, a group of kidnapped West Africans were being transported to America as slaves on the Spanish vessel “La Amistad.” In the middle of the night, they managed to pick the locks on their chains and overthrow their captors.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: To Kill A Mockingbird

As America bids farewell to its own real-life Atticus Finch, I thought it would be a good time to watch #1 on the ABA’s List of the 25 Greatest Legal Movies, the legendary…

To Kill a Mockingbird
1962 dir. Robert Mulligan

The world is a confusing place for a child. Our moral instruction – to the extent that we get any – is a thicket of contradictions.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: A Few Good Men

This week, after months of procrastinating, I decided to pony up the requisite $7.99 and watch #14 on the ABA’s Top 25, perhaps the most iconic lawyer movie of the modern era. I want to say upfront that I will do my best not to make any “You can’t handle the truth!” puns, but I’m not 100% confident that I’ll be successful.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Judgment at Nuremberg

For this week’s edition of The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time, I decided to watch #12 on the ABA’s Top 25

Judgment at Nuremberg
1961 dir. Stanley Kramer

In normal times, it’s considered an affront to rhetorical decency to compare people you disagree with to the Nazis. Hitler and his regime were so evil that it’s almost always ridiculous – and offensive – draw them into an argument by analogy.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Denial

Usually, searching for The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time means sitting down on the couch, finding a movie on iTunes, and restarting my router a few times until the thing loads. This week, however, I had occasion to actually get out of the house and take a trip to my local cineplex, where a new courtroom drama is gracing screens. It’s called “Denial,” and it came out in select cities on September 30th. Here’s my review: