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Getting Through Brutally Difficult Reading Comp Passages About the Law

Unlike passages about science or the arts, most of us didn’t expect passages about the law to be so difficult. After all, we chose this field. We may struggle to care about, and thus comprehend, passages about the finer points of science or aesthetics; we don’t really have that excuse for passages about the law. Anyone taking the LSAT is planning on paying a princely sum to spend three years learning about the law and a lifetime practicing it, so an at least passing interest in the law can be presumed.

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An Overview of LGBTQ Legal Rights on the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Of course, you’re aware that June is Pride Month. But if you’ve wondered why it seems like the symbols of the LBGTQ community have been just a little bit more prevalent this Just (especially amongst entities that maybe don’t have a ton to do with the LGBTQ community), there are a few reasons.

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The Legal Mess of the Fyre Fest

I recently transitioned from a clerkship to a job at a law firm, so my free time has declined precipitously of late. The other day, I was checking Twitter before going to bed, and I saw a post from Chrissy Teigen (who I am still mad at for not retweeting my picture of the banana bread I baked using her recipe). She mentioned something about a Fyre Fest documentary. Little did I realize, the documentary (or, more aptly, documentaries — both Netflix and Hulu released their own versions) would become a viral discussion topic.