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How to nail down a lawyer job before loans come due

The ABA recently released statistics showing which law schools have the highest percentage of unemployed recent graduates. Now, ideally, you’ll score well on the LSAT and have more secure options available to you than any of those schools (I’m not trying to be dismissive of any of the listed institutions…but your odds of getting a return on investment are higher betting $150,000 on a singly hand of blackjack…and that won’t take 3 years of your life). Putting the option of getting a higher LSAT score aside, this post is going to focus on the best ways to maximize your chances of getting a job while you’re actually in law school.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.1.16

A. Tomorrow’s your last chance to get $300 off a Spring classroom course in Houston, Berkeley, or San Francisco. Blueprint LSAT

B. The Donald could quite possibly become the presumptive Republican nominee by sweeping today’s Super Tuesday voting. Politico

C. There’s a dog in Michigan that got braces. Dork. Freep

D. A study has found a widening gap in the debt law school students expect to incur on the basis of race and LSAT score. ABA Journal

E. And finally, in why-didn’t-this-happen-years-ago news, the US Army might be using laser weapons on the battlefield by 2023. IFL Science

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Logical Reasonings / 7.14.15

A) Brooklyn Law plans to reimburse students for part of their tuition if they haven’t found a full-time job nine months after graduation. The New York Times

B) A study by University of Colorado Law professors found that LSAT scores might be less indicative of law school performance than previously believed. Wall Street Journal

C) Notorious RBG explains why the liberal wing of SCOTUS wrote far fewer dissents than their conservative counterparts, as well as some other behind-the-scenes SCOTUS info. NPR

D) The story of a homeless Harvard Law grad in DC is calling attention to mental health treatment in the U.S. Washington Post

E) This guy looks happier playing his flute while listening to ZZ Top than I look about anything. Gawker

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Logical Reasonings / 7.8.15

A) When writing your personal statement, it’s a good idea to get some outside perspective – here are some tips on making the most of the feedback you receive. LSAT Blog

B) For you gunners out there, the University of Chicago plans to offer a free online course on technology and law. UChicago

C) A study finds that just a handful of universities are responsible for a large proportion of the nation’s student debt – find out which schools made the list. Chronicle

D) In related student-debt news, how much debt is due to liberal arts degrees from private universities (a.k.a. future law students)? The New Yorker

E) Here’s your “aww” moment of the day: Halifax police write a (fake) ticket for a three-year-old motorcyclist. CBC

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Logical Reasonings / 7.7.15

A) In case you haven’t heard, law school is expensive. Here are some tips on how to save up for it. Pen and Chisel

B) Blueprint LSAT Prep courses for the October 2015 LSAT are starting soon! Check out the courses in your area. Blueprint LSAT Prep

C) One entering law school dean says he demanded a pay cut before accepting the job. It’s a nice gesture, anyway. Wall Street Journal

D) A lawyer-turned-novelist reflects on her time working at a big firm, during which she set up a Scale of Dismay to describe her daily mood. Salon

E) Someone’s watched Up a few too many times. A Calgary man was charged after going for a little flight in a lawn chair attached to 120 helium balloons. The Guardian

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Logical Reasonings / 7.16.14

A) There’s nothing wrong with applying to law school. Just make sure you do a few things first. Above the Law.

B) Don’t expect to pay off all your law school debt in your first year on the job. JD Journal.

C) Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has a lot of friends. Wall Street Journal.

D) California’s death penalty is unconstitutional, a federal judge has decided. Los Angeles Times.

E) If you’ve ever seen a movie, you know it can’t be good news that a 260-foot crater has mysteriously appeared in Siberia. io9.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.10.14

A) Check out Aaron Rodgers rockin’ the NYU Law shirt. Above the Law.

B) President Obama referenced his own law school debt when he expanded repayment caps on student loans. ABA Journal.

C) BP has become the first company to get legal permission to fly drones. This should turn out well. Gigaom.

D) The NCAA is experiencing a bit of June Madness in the courtroom. Wall Street Journal.

E) Not ready for the World Cup? You must not be this dog. Digg.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.26.13

A) Timing is everything. In law school admissions, especially. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Florida has an idea for fixing law school debt. You know, for law grads who lost their receipt. ABA Journal.

C) Hobby Lobby and birth control. Just another day in the life of the Supreme Court justice. USA Today.

D) Several people tried covering up the Steubenville rape case, and now they will face trial. NPR.

E) We really liked social media in 2012. Almost as much as we like it now. Quartz.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.23.13

A) A law school professor predicts LSAT scores are going to negatively affect bar exam scores. We’ll see how confident he is when Vegas releases the line. ABA Journal.

B) Law school reform is not out of the discussion. But it’s also not in. Student Loan Ranger.

C) Here’s an idea you may not have considered to help pay law school debt: sell your childhood memories. Harvard Crimson.

D) Headline court case alert: A Kennedy cousin is getting a new trial for a 1975 killing. USA Today.

E) The Great American Beer Festival seems like a nice place…for Triumph to poop on. Team Coco.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.23.13

A) Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day — like when you’re trying to balance law school applications with schoolwork. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Even teenage geniuses have trouble with law school debt. Los Angeles Times.

C) Of course, college students could always pay their way through school by winning eating competitions — like this guy. Yahoo! News.

D) Finally, there’s something that can help you forget about your first LSAT score. Newser.

E) Finally, someone has unveiled how US News and World Report ranks colleges. The Onion.