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Logical Reasonings / 7.27.15

A) The California bar exam is being shortened from three days to two, allowing JDs to start the post-bar heavy drinking a full day earlier. Above the Law

B) Conan is being sued for allegedly stealing jokes from Twitter. Hollywood Reporter

C) Here’s one take on a firm’s policy against hiring graduates from T14 schools. Break in to Big Law

D) Donald Trump – who has been vehemently outspoken against illegal immigration – is now an artistic inspiration for piñatas. Lovely! CNN

E) Bostonians breathe a sigh of relief in unison, as Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympics has been pulled. Boston.com

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Logical Reasonings / 7.21.15

A) Bust out your best Whip and Nae Nae ’cause this flash sale is EVERYTHING. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) Free Logic Games Book say whaaa?! Blueprint LSAT

C) R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means when you’re trying to do your job. Above The Law

D) Khloe and Lamar. Just in case you forgot about them… Perez Hilton

E) New Dr. Seuss book to hit shelves this month! Ah, the feels. Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 7.20.15

A) WE’RE HAVING A FIRE!… sale. But seriously, there’s a flash sale going on right now for some super-awesome Blueprint LSAT Prep courses. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) One law firm is boldly refusing to hire Ivy League grads because it says lawyers from second-tier schools work harder. I’m not sure if that’s a step in the right direction or not. Time

C) Ever had a really embarrassing interview? Trust us, they weren’t this bad.Above the Law

D) Just saying the words “gun control” is a dangerous proposition sometimes… but here’s one proposal for it. The New York Times

E) Everyone knows In N Out has a secret menu, but did you know that McDonald’s has one? Mashable

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What Do Millennials Really Want?

I’ve got an unfortunate bit of news for you prestige-hounds in the audience: The palatial “corner office” may be on its way out. While this is surely a source of chagrin for baby-boomer lawyers nation-wide, Nixon Peabody’s DC offices are confident it will be a boon for millennials.

That seems to be the target of a vast new office design campaign taking hold in major cities throughout the country. Perhaps in imitation of California’s start-up culture, many firms are opting to throw out the classic model of imposing marble reception desks with modest associate setups and coruscating , large-windowed, partner offices. In its place is a more democratic, open, and communal office environment focused on equity and collaboration. In the case of Nixon Peabody, the aesthetic is completed with a massive wall of television sets, which fill the quixotic millennial’s bright, wide eyes all day long with tales of the firm’s pro bono beneficence.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.1.15

A) A jury ruled that the former University of Iowa Law dean didn’t politically discriminate when she said “no thanks” to a conservative who wanted to join the faculty. ABC

B) Here are the “10 most underrated law schools” based on an alternative ranking system developed by a law professor, as compared to USNWR. Campbell Class of 2019? Bloomberg

C) The California legislature has been busy lately. Today, a law takes effect that guarantees paid sick leave to all full-time and part-time employees. USA Today

D) A study found that most major law firms don’t give very much money to support legal aid. Too busy redesigning their offices, presumably. The New York Times

E) Tonight, Venus and Jupiter will appear closer together than they have in almost a decade. National Geographic

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Logical Reasonings / 6.22.15

A) A former University of North Dakota law student is suing the school after being dismissed from it… via email. Ouch. WDAZ

B) To attract millennials, Nixon Peabody is doing away with corner offices – instead, all offices will be the same size. Other pandering includes solar power, an option for standing desks, and “cozy nooks.” The Washington Post

C) In the “it’s so crazy, it just might work” category, here’s how to practice law for the bargain rate of $28,746. William Ha

D) T-Swift: 1, Apple: 0. Slate

E) It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a cat on a plane! Kinja

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Logical Reasonings / 8.28.14

Is it time to stop telling people “don’t go to law school?” Lawyerist

A helpful guide to law school scholarship opportunities for minorities. Get get get get get get that paper. Ms. JD

The managing partner of a major law firm embezzled $30 million. Well, that’s one way to get get get get get get that paper, I suppose. Above The Law

An appeals court overturned 16 Amish beard cutting criminal convictions. More impressive, the court overturned them all without a single volt of electricity. NPR

Unpopular Police Officer Thinking About Committing Racially Motivated Offense For A Little Support. The Onion

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Logical Reasonings / 8.25.14

The NYU student listserv is throwing shade at Columbia Law. Spoiler alert: it’s not quite Biggie and Pac. Above The Law

A refund program at the InfiLaw schools? Tough to say whether it’s a safety net, or more bait for unsuspecting students. JD Journal

The 50 best law firms for women. ABA Journal

3.7 million Americans use self-help centers to represent themselves in court. Personally I stick with Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer for my legal needs. Wall Street Journal

Forbes somehow found a way to make FX’s The Simpsons marathon not fun: taxes. Forbes

J/K, it’s still fun.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.8.14

A) “How to Read a Legal Opinion,” a primer for incoming law students. Orin S. Kerr

B) A new Utah firm’s model is an intriguing response to two related problems: the glut of recent jobless law grads, and the inaccessibility of legal representation for lower-income Americans. The Atlantic

C) In light of the news that Google scans user accounts looking for illegal activity, you might wonder: How closely is Google reading your emails? The Washington Post

D) Americans support your right to smoke pot, but only in private, according to a new Huffington Post poll. Huffington Post

E) Yes, Steve Buscemi really did look just as weird when he was in sixth grade. Gawker