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Our June 2019 LSAT “Curve” Prediction

It’s one of the most common questions you’ll hear following an exam … “What do you think ‘the curve’ will be?” We’re just a week past the June 2019 exam, so it’s a question on a lot of people’s lips. Some are predicting that the curve will be “-11.” Other’s say, nay, it’s a “-10.”
We don’t want to be left out, so here’s our curve prediction … it’s going to be …

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Your June 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

You did it! You studied for months, training your brain to think about information in way you never thought you’d have to. You’ll never look at the word “unless” the same way again. You put those skills to the test by doing tons of practice exams. You made sacrifices along the way — to your friends, your better halves, your hobbies, your Saturday mornings that could have been spent doing literally anything other than a full practice exam.

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The Last Weekend Before the June LSAT Study Schedule

The fact that there’s only one weekend before the June 2019 LSAT must make you pretty nervous. Honestly, it makes me pretty nervous, and I don’t even have to take the test. Only one weekend — three-and-a-half days, if we’re being generous and including both Friday and Monday morning — separates you from this test.

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How to Do the New LSAT Writing Section

This week, we’re focusing on the June 2019 LSAT, making predictions and giving you a last week study plan to follow before test day.

But one thing that you may have — and, frankly, should have — neglected in your studies up to this point is the writing sample portion of the LSAT. But we at Most Strongly Supported wish to leave no stone left unturned and no LSAT section left unexplained. So let’s take a quick moment to discuss the writing sample.

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Tips for the Last Week Before the June Exam

Happy Memorial Day! Now, if you’re taking the June LSAT, you would be forgiven if you forgot that this is Memorial Day. Especially given that the June test is — checks calendar — yikes, one week away. Instead of remembering those who served, you’re trying to remember all the common fallacies and whether the word “always” introduces a sufficient or necessary condition. Rather than spending the day, carefree, with your less-ambitious friends are spending their Memorial Day at beaches and barbecues, you’re here, looking at a screen. Trying to make sense of how to make that last score jump before the exam.

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Two Predictions and Tips for the June 2019 LSAT

We are ten days away from the June LSAT, a distressingly low number of days, to be sure. And though the realization that there is only a week-and-change left before test day may fill you with dread of the deepest and most existential kind, you shouldn’t despair. In fact, there’s a lot to celebrate.

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Tonight’s the Deadline to Sign Up for the June 2019 LSAT

Have you signed up the June 3rd LSAT yet? No? Why not? Don’t you know that tonight is the deadline to sign up? Like you have until exactly 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time tonight to register. So you have to make the decision soon. Within the day!

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Your June LSAT Two-Month Study Plan

To those you taking the June 3 LSAT, let’s face a difficult truth: there are fifty-one days until the June exam. Sure, we should also tack on to those fifty-one days however many hours, minutes, and seconds you technically have left before you’ll take the exam. We can even round up to fifty-two, if you’d