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A Toast to the LSAT in 2012

2012 is but hours away from being in the books. Four administrations of the LSAT were among the many events of the past year. To each of these LSAT tests, a toast:

Here’s to the February 2012 LSAT, for showing us that it’s still possible to keep secrets in our digital, social-networked age. You will live on only in the memories of the lucky LSAT test takers who entered a test center on February 11.

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Should you retake the LSAT? Advice from a Retaker

If you took the June 2012 LSAT, you’ve received your score.


All kidding aside, regardless of the quality of your score, you may have the impulse to retake the LSAT. Perhaps you’re the overachiever who got a 170, but you think the 178s you consistently received in practice are more indicative of your skill level. Perhaps you scored in the 160s in practice but got a 152 and wonder what happened.

Perhaps you completely tanked.

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June 2012 Score Release Date is Here!

For those of you who weren’t already obsessively refreshing your LSAC account and GMail, scores are starting to be released for the June 2012 LSAT.

Initial reports are saying that a question was removed from scoring. This is the same as it never having been on the test at all – whether you got it right or wrong, it won’t affect your score in any way.

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June 2012 LSAT Takers – Score Day Is Nigh

Are you ready for what I’m about to tell you, June LSAT takers? Today marks the beginning of an epic saga, a series of trials unlike any you have faced before, which will test your strength, your perseverance, and yes, your mental stability. This week is LSAT score release week.

What this means is you will receive your June LSAT scores this week. We know this because we have visited the LSAT gods at the Temple of Logos, and they have shown us that it shall be thus. (We also know that you will receive your LSAT scores because we have been doing this for a very long time, and LSAC, the LSAT demigods, have always and forever, since the beginning of LSAT time, released scores on time).

Every bit of goods news, however, always comes packaged with a bit of bad. The rapidity with which the LSAT can be scored in thanks to Michael Sokolski, the inventor of the Scantron. This hero of men, women, and children everywhere, has passed away.

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When to Expect Your June LSAT Score (Realistically)

The dust has finally settled, and students who took the June LSAT have stopped hyperventilating. Now everyone is asking the same question: How could Ridley Scott have stooped so low as to simply re-make Alien and get everyone to believe that it’s a completely new film?

Actually, June LSAT students (even those deeply concerned with the state of modern cinema) are also wondering when they might reasonably expect to receive their LSAT scores. Predictions can be wildly speculative, and recent LSAT score experience has shown that long-term trends should not be expected to continue indefinitely. The trend I’m referring to, of course, is LSAC’s much-discussed practice of releasing LSAT scores several days before the official release date.

Until February 2012, LSAC had released LSAT scores at least two days prior to the official LSAT score release date for every test administration in the past seven years.

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Father’s Day Gifts for June 2012 LSAT Takers

What’s that you say? Your frantic attempt to get yourself ready for the LSAT caused you to completely forget Father’s Day this weekend? Not to fear! A few last-minute gift suggestions are here. Make your dad proud with one or more of these LSAT-related presents.

1. The pencils you used the day of the LSAT.

Assuming you can bring yourself to part with them, wrap up those half-chewed Ticonderoga #2’s that served you so well. They may be totally worthless to everyone else in the world, but your dad will look at those pencils years from now and remember how they helped you become a successful lawyer. If you’ve got the cash, you might even consider having them bronzed.

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To Cancel Your June LSAT Score, or Not To Cancel?

Should I cancel my LSAT score? That’s the question many of you are asking in the aftermath of the June LSAT. It’s entirely normal to feel less than great about the LSAT the day after the test, so it’s important to weigh this decision carefully.

First, let’s get the nuts and bolts of cancelling your LSAT score out of the way.

You have 6 calendar days to cancel your LSAT score. You can only cancel in writing; you can find the form as well as information on LSAC’s policies here. Since the LSAT was this Monday, the deadline to cancel your LSAT score is this coming Sunday. The important thing: this is the deadline for LSAC to receive your cancellation, not a postmark deadline.

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The Morning Cometh: June 2012 LSAT Aftermath

Once again, a Law School Admission Test has come and gone. The June 2012 LSAT will never come again, and now comes the dreaded period of waiting for your score. So what are people saying about the test?

We’ve heard back from a lot of students, and it seems like the difficulty may have been pretty standard. Some thought it was hard, but a pretty equal number thought it was easy, and most people seem to think that it fell somewhere in the middle. So you shouldn’t be too surprised if it turns out that the curve was neither particularly forgiving nor damning.

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It’s an Important Weekend for June LSAT Deadlines

Afraid of commitment? The next few days may tie your stomach in knots.

Deadlines for the June LSAT abound. This weekend is your last chance to get on or off the list (without losing your entire fee) for the LSAT administration coming up on June 11.

Today, May 18, is the late registration deadline for the June LSAT. If you’re planning to take the June LSAT but for some reason you have yet to register, stop reading this right now, visit the LSAC website and register for the LSAT. It’ll cost you an extra $69 on top of the usual fee of $160, but if you’ve been preparing for the June LSAT that fee is well worth it.

If you’ve already registered for the June LSAT, there are deadlines this weekend for you, too.

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Spring Enrollments for Blueprint’s Live LSAT Course Now Open

Merry Spring-Enrollments-Are-Now-Open Day!

Although this time of year is always special, it’s an extra meaningful occasion this time around because starting in 2012, Blueprint LSAT Preparation is opening the doors to its live course in six new cities. As previously reported, we’re expanding to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Look at us go.

For several weeks, we’ve been hearing from students in those cities and elsewhere who have been itching to sign up. Starting today, you can scratch that itch. If you decide to sign up for a spring class today, though, be sure and do so by calling us before 6:30 p.m. PST. That’s when the new price for our course ($1,299) kicks in. The number is 888-4-BP-PREP if you have a phone in your hand right now (you know you do).