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Combating Digital LSAT Anxiety

I can see it now: You’re eyeing the date in the corner of your laptop screen, counting down the days until the July LSAT. You’ve nailed conditional statements. You know your Reading Comp secondary structures like the back of your hand. You’ve done your part to prepare, but there’s still one factor that’s out of your hands: paper or plastic digital.

Taking the Summer LSAT
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Should You Take the LSAT Before July 2019? 3 Questions to Consider.

Summer LSAT season is funny. On the one hand, you spend nine months or so out the year waiting for the sweet release of summer, only to be reminded that as the weather heats up, so must your LSAT prep. Then there’s the agony of waiting for your score which will determine if you spend the rest of your summer studying for a Fall LSAT. On the other hand, if you do well, you can celebrate your victory over several weeks before school starts again.