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Logical Reasonings / 6.12.15

A) Three things that law students can learn from chess champion Garry Kasparov. (Besides what it’s like to lose to a supercomputer.) Above the Law

B) The ABA is meeting to discuss whether law students should get school credit for paid externships, among other things. National Law Journal

C) Salon has some suggestions for how to fix what’s broken in the law profession. And they think a lot is broken.

D) The Pope is setting up a special court at the Vatican to address the mishandling of sexual abuse cases. Wall Street Journal

E) Robots aren’t any better at predicting Supreme Court decisions than humans. Sorry, Terminators — better luck next time. FiveThirtyEight

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Logical Reasonings / 5.19.15

A) Above the Law surveyed some young lawyers to find the highest rated summer internship programs in Biglaw.

B) What you need to know to get onto law review (and all the career perks that come with it). Law School Toolbox

C) More law schools are dropping the LSAT requirement for their university’s high-performing undergrads, making it five in total. Bloomberg

D) A Columbia University student carried her dorm mattress to graduation, completing a year-long art project protesting campus sexual assault. The Guardian

E) “Time-lapse mining” sounds like something Derek Zoolander would do, but it’s actually the process of making time-lapse videos using publicly available snapshots — and it’s very cool. Slate

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What Kind of Summer Job Can a 1L Get?

For most people, law school is about getting a job. If things go well, you’ll probably have some sort of offer for permanent employment in the fall after your first year. But before you get there, you’ll need to get a job for your first summer. For many, this will be a first look at legal work. You’ll have several options.

Judicial Internships
During a judicial internship you’ll get to work in the chambers of a judge. You probably won’t have a lot of contact with your judge, but you’ll still get to observe cases and you’ll work pretty closely with the clerks.

The great thing about judicial internships is that you get to apply for them before your first semester grades come out.