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February 2020 LSAT Instant Reaction

Congratulations, February test takers. You did it. You entered your test center at one point in your journey to law school, and a few hours later you emerged at another point entirely. It’s a significant accomplishment. Not that it always feels that way, we know. Most people exit their test centers like …

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January 2020 LSAT Instant Reaction

January test takers, you did it. You drove to your test center, waited through an interminable check-in process, sat in your assigned seat, and … used a stylus to click the screen on a Microsoft Surface Go for about three-and-a-half hours. Big congratulations there.

We kid, we kid. These moments are worthy of a sincere congratulations. In fact, if anything, you’re probably not proud enough of your accomplishment

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November 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

Many congrats to all those who just completed the November 2019 LSAT, all those who were permitted to take it, anyway. We hope the celebration carries you through the week, to the Wednesday you inevitably see people from your high school to Thanksgiving to Black Friday and, if we’re still calling it this, Cyber Monday. Toast to peptides and microchips while listening to jazz as a projection of an old film plays. Feel like you earned this week’s feast.

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Your October 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

We’re on day four of celebrating Halloween — and, it should be noted, it is not even Halloween yet — and some pre-law folk are getting into the holiday spirit today by visiting one of the most haunted “houses” of them all: an LSAT test center. As you are undoubtedly aware, today is the October 2019 LSAT, the first October LSAT since 2015. And, given its proximity to All Hallows’ Eve, it’s the spookiest LSAT, by far. For all those pre-law folk who are now emerging from classrooms, hotel conference rooms, or wherever you took this test, you deserve a well-earned congratulations, irrespective of whether you’ve mastered all the tricks to make this exam a treat.

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Your March 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

A very deserved congratulations are in order to all those who just finished the March LSAT today! Now that you have slain the beast that is the Law School Admissions Test — or, failing that, at least are granted a momentary reprieve from your war against this exam, following a particularly difficult battle — we hope you can spend the rest of your weekend in a post-exam bliss, perhaps aided by the beverage of your choice.

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Your January 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

Congratulations to all January LSAT takers! You’ve endured four hours of intense testing and now you’ve emerged — hopefully — triumphant. You’ve been through the proverbial ringer, all the logic you had stored in your brain rung out by each of the six sections on the exam. Whether you felt those sections went great or just OK or maybe even not great, one thing is certain: the test is over. And that is worth celebrating.

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Your September 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

September test takers, congratulations! You woke up early, ate a nourishing breakfast, ambled over to your test center, checked in, fidgeted nervously as you waited for the test to start, completed five sections of intense multiple choice questions, and then wrote a short persuasive essay for some reason. And now finally — finally! — you can take a well-deserved rest. Or you can elect to drink deeply from the cup of life, imbibing sweet elixirs all night long. No matter how you decide to celebrate this achievement, you’ve earned it.

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Your July 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

A hearty congratulations to all of you trailblazers who just finished the brand new July 2018 LSAT. There has never been an official, honest-to-goodness LSAT administered in July before, and you intrepid souls deserve the highest commendations for trudging into the unknown.

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Your June 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction

Congratulations to all of you brave souls who took the first LSAT of the 2018-19 LSAT season! Now that the exam is done, what to do? Well, you could celebrate extravagantly, like Alex Ovechkin following the Stanley Cup. Or you could celebrate solemnly and joylessly, like the Warriors following the NBA Finals. Or, you can unburden yourself, and chat about the exam you just took.