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From the Vaults: Maintaining Mental Health At Law School

February 1 of a student’s first year is, statistically, the most depressing day in law school. With that backdrop in mind, I, as a first year student in the midst of the (objectively) unhappiest period of law school, have some thoughts.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.18.15

A) U.S. News and World Report offers some advice on deciding between two great law schools and taking the LSAT for the third time.

B) Why do law school professors take an eternity (a few weeks) to grade final exams? Above the Law gets the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

C) Don’t use overly flowery descriptions in your personal statement, you obliviously verbose muttonhead. jdMission

D) The U.S. government thinks courts aren’t able to order top secret documents unsealed for evidence. The Intercept

E) Louis CK’s monologue in Saturday Night Live’s season finale was hilarious… and offensive. Hollywood Reporter

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Logical Reasonings / 5.14.15

A) Another law school seems to be in financial trouble. Suddenly this article seems very prescient. Above the Law

B) A law school in Hawaii is joining a few others around the country by admitting students without the LSAT. It will be interesting to see if its far-flung location means more local residents will actually take advantage of it. KHON

C) Don’t let grades or test scores destroy your grad school dreams. Also, don’t eat spicy food right before bedtime — that will also destroy your dreams. U.S. News & World Report

D) In France, a bar owner is facing Manslaughter charges for selling a patron 56 shots in one night. Munchies

E) The Onion has some tips for last-minute test cramming. My favorite: Just do your best, and remember that you’ve had more opportunities, privilege, and support than anyone in your family’s history.

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Will Law Schools See My Foreign Transcripts?

Today’s post comes to us from our friends at Anna Ivey Consulting. We asked Anna to answer a question posed to us in the blog comments:

I had about two semesters worth of credit from US undergrad schools, then another two from St. Andrews in Scotland, before leaving school for awhile. I’m finishing up through the University of London International Programme this May. The LSAC put my US GPAs on the report and then just put “foreign” for the st. andrews and uol grades. How might law schools consider this? Do they look at the individual transcripts or just the lsac report? My US GPA was really great, but the uol classes have been so-so given that I also am working beyond-full-time while finishing.

Here’s what she had to say.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.27.15

A) How do law school grades work? Like other grades, mostly. LawSchooli

B) Above the Law thinks the two schools that eliminated the LSAT requirement just found another way to screw students.

C) Interested in writing for a law review? ‘Cuz Stanford has 10 of them (note: this sentence has not been peer-reviewed). jdMission

D) The U.S. is one step closer to getting a new attorney general. Wall Street Journal

E) The ocean’s freezing in Nantucket. Why do people live in the northeast again? New York Times

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What Kind of Summer Job Can a 1L Get?

For most people, law school is about getting a job. If things go well, you’ll probably have some sort of offer for permanent employment in the fall after your first year. But before you get there, you’ll need to get a job for your first summer. For many, this will be a first look at legal work. You’ll have several options.

Judicial Internships
During a judicial internship you’ll get to work in the chambers of a judge. You probably won’t have a lot of contact with your judge, but you’ll still get to observe cases and you’ll work pretty closely with the clerks.

The great thing about judicial internships is that you get to apply for them before your first semester grades come out.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.13.15

A) Two Minnesota law schools are merging. Hopefully no one gets left out in the cold. (Minnesota is cold.) National Jurist

B) A study group can help you survive law school. And community college. Ms. JD

C) Will bad first semester grades tank your legal career? About.com

D) An unhinged law clerk filed a lawsuit against his own judge. So… no job recommendation, then? Above the Law

E) If our Valentines don’t properly sum up where your relationship stands, maybe one of these will. Huffington Post Comedy

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Maintaining Mental Health At Law School

Above The Law, a legal blog, recently published a fairly disheartening article analyzing a Yale survey study depression and poor mental health in law school. I first read the article shortly after attending a lecture where the speaker told us that February 1 of a student’s first year is, statistically, the most depressing day in law school. With that backdrop in mind, I, as a first year student in the midst of the (objectively) unhappiest period of law school, have some thoughts on the article.

I wish I could tell you I’m surprised by the findings discussed at Above the Law. But I’m not.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.15.15

A) Law school scholarships are overwhelmingly merit-based, and not need-based. National Jurist

B) A troubling report from Yale connects law school stress and depression. Above The Law

C) How to cope with bad law school grades. Surprisingly, Jack Daniels is nowhere on the list. Law School Toolbox

D) What the new rules on Cuba mean for Americans. Lots of very interesting and potentially impor– AW SCREW IT, RUM AND CIGARS, BABY!!! Wall Street Journal

E) A genius just turned 23 Twitter accounts into a thrilling (and grisly) Choose Your Own Adventure story. AV Club

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Logical Reasonings / 1.9.15

A) Turns out a “practice-ready” law school may help you be a better lawyer (yay!). That doesn’t mean it will help you get a job (boo!). Above The Law

B) Even if 2015 is the year that people start declaring a law school bounceback, be wary and look deeper. American Lawyer

C) If you’re upset with your law school grades (or any grades), quit whining. Work harder. Law School Toolbox

D) 64 Dartmouth students were suspended for cheating in an ethics class. New York Magazine

E) Mankind Tired of Having to Remind Itself of Good in World. I know I am. The Onion