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Get ‘The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games’ – Fo’ Free!


There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But you know what is free (for a limited time)? The Kindle version of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games!

Um, so… the giveaway actually, really, officially starts on Monday, July 20th at 10AM PST and ends on Friday, July 24th at 5PM. Yes, dear reader – this post, like Channing Tatum and the promise of delicious fat free potato chips, is a big tease. The real deal happens on Monday.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited now. And, we’re allowing you to pre-reserve your copy!

How to pre-reserve your copy:

1) Like us on Facebook. Yep, we’re shamelessly trolling for social media love. Once you’ve done that:

2) Send an email to info@blueprintlsat.com with the subject line Games Book Giveaway and your full name so we can check that you liked us on Facebook. (Yes, you’ll be subjected to a newsletter from BP when we get your email, but you can unsubscribe right away. And, who knows, you may actually like the newsletter, as it’s full of useful LSAT, application, and law school information.) We’ll also use this email address to send you the book and also to remind you about a month from now to:

3) Write an honest, unbiased review of the book at Amazon, Google Books, or another site (we’ll send you the link in about a month).

4) Remember, don’t expect to get your free copy until Monday, since that is when the giveaway officially starts!

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Logical Reasonings / 7.16.15

A) We want to give YOU a copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games for free ninety-nine. That’s right, zero dollars. Read all about the details. Blueprint LSAT Prep

B) Which grad students rack up the most student debt? Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look great for law students. NPR

C) Aside from their obvious applications with regard to law school admissions, most of the time we find that our transcripts aren’t all that useful. Some schools are trying to change that. Chronicle

D) The next time you hear someone complaining about NASA’s trip to Pluto, you can point out that it still cost less than the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. CBS Local

E) Instagram was down for a bit today. As you’d expect, everyone freaked out. Buzzfeed

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And The Winner of Our LSAT Caption Contest Is…

While most of you probably spent the weekend nursing a Halloween hangover (that eighth Goldschlager-infused Three Musketeers bar might have been a mistake), we here at Blueprint LSAT were cloistered away, gravely debating the merits of last week’s caption contest entries. Things got heated. We made 12 Angry Men look like a friendly church brunch.

Luckily for us, we came away with a satisfying winner. And luckily for them, they get a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. What a prize!

Drumroll, please. Our winner is…