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Logical Reasonings / 4.11.16

A. Beware the pitfalls of putting down a deposit for a seat at a law school to which you’ve been accepted. US News & World Report

B. Dora the Explorer caught vaping. Vaper, no vaping! Vaper, no vaping! The Virginian-Pilot

C. The Feds have fined Goldman Sachs $5 billion over their role in the 2008 financial crisis. CEO Lloyd Blankfein was quoted as saying, “Yeah, we’re totally sorry… sorry you’re poor, suckers!” PBS

D. Turns out a top North Korean military official defected to South Korea last year. Kim Jong Un’s reaction was to continue to wear a crazy smile and crazier hairdo. USA Today

E. Super-duper classy Florida first lady Ann Scott reads to fifth graders about prostitutes and the like. The New Times

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Logical Reasonings / 3.9.16

A. Marco Rubio has staked his hopes on the people of his home state of Florida. Polls indicate the feeling is not even close to mutual. Fox News

B. JJ Abrams admits he made a mistake in The Force Awakens. No, it’s not that it was a total rip off of the first Star Wars. ABC News

C. There’s a thing called “Rage Yoga,” which involves contorting oneself, screaming, swearing, and drinking beer. Here at Blueprint, we call that Tuesday. Oddity Central

D. Good news. We found the worst tattoo-job ever, and it provides the basis for the worst mugshot ever. KHOU

E. Here’s a rundown of the men and women Pres. Obama is considering to nominate to the Supreme Court. New York Magazine

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How Law Schools Confront Gender Bias in the Law

This might just be a Florida Man thing, but according to a Florida Bar Association survey of women lawyers under the age of 36 (or in their first five years of practice) almost half could recount some instance of gender bias.

This is sad. But the future might be brighter. Law schools are trying to play a positive role in advancing women lawyers and dealing with prejudice and stereotypes.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.17.16

A. Guess what North Korea’s biggest export is. Nope. Uh-uh. Not that either. Give up? Giant statues of dictators! BBC News

B. In Florida’s-just-bein’-Florida news, an 18-year-old kid has been arrested for impersonating a doctor. FOR THE THIRD TIME. Fox News

C. Donald Trump is not just running against Ted Cruz, he’s also planning on suing him. Lovin’ Election 2016. Slate

D. Things are getting snippy over at Georgetown Law School. What’s the big deal? Well, who gets to decide whether Georgetown Law School is sad that Antonin Scalia is dead? Above the Law

E. Did you know that the original Taco Bell menu featured no Doritos-flavored entrees? What a rip! Huffington Post