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What’s A Law Review?

Before I decided to seriously pursue a career in law or to attend law school, I had a lot of misperceptions about the process of attaining a law degree. I was particularly confused about one aspect of legal education: law review.

It seems like every successful politician or serious academic—assuming they attended law school—was, at one time or another, the editor-in-chief of his or her law review. I knew there was something prestigious about this mysterious position, but I had no idea what it actually entailed. So, now that I’m actually in law school, I’d like to shed some light on law review for all you prospective applicants.

First, what is law review? Law review is an academic journal that publishes articles by professors and other scholars in a variety of legal practices.

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LSAT Instructor: My First Week of Law Classes

Classes – the graded, real kind – started this week at Columbia. Sure, we did go through three weeks of Legal Methods, but that’s a pass-fail class that everyone passes.

Among other things, you’re supposed to get your first cold-calls out of the way in Legal Methods. You see, at law school, professors don’t wait for someone to contribute to the class discussion. They call on people. So you’d better be ready.

Or not.

Class participation usually won’t figure into your final grade, so you can flub all your cold-calls, but you’d better have a high tolerance for public shaming.

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LSAT Instructor: The Beginning Of Law School

I’ve been at Columbia Law School for just over three weeks. It’s been rough going. I’ve lost about 20 pounds off my bench press. The body can only take so much free pizza and booze.

Law school classes are in something less than a full swing. Columbia gently eases us in with a three-week class called Legal Methods. This is a pass-pass course; no one in the history of the school has failed Legal Methods. One brave 1L spent all of 5 minutes on her Legal Methods final. The professor gave her a stern talk (read: free lunch) and made her retake the exam.

She passed.

But some aren’t taking it easy. There have been rumors of a “gunner.”