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And Now, THE Greatest Lawyer Movie of All Time

When I set out on this project almost a year ago, I had many questions: What are the greatest lawyer movies ever? What makes a great lawyer movie great? And how long would Blueprint actually let me keep this up?

Since then, I’ve watched 24 lawyer movies, most of them from the ABA’s Top 25 list. Below, I have attempted to summarize my findings and reflections.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Breaker Morant

This is the final movie I’m reviewing in my search for the Greatest Lawyer Movie of All Time (#GLMOAT #bittersweet). It’s #7 on the ABA’s Top 25, and a worthy entry for consideration.

Breaker Morant
1980 dir. Bruce Beresford

If you tried to draw a Venn Diagram of how lawyer movies fit into other genres, you’d have many overlapping circles. There are legal thrillers, legal family dramas, even legal Christmas movies.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: A Few Good Men

This week, after months of procrastinating, I decided to pony up the requisite $7.99 and watch #14 on the ABA’s Top 25, perhaps the most iconic lawyer movie of the modern era. I want to say upfront that I will do my best not to make any “You can’t handle the truth!” puns, but I’m not 100% confident that I’ll be successful.


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Um… Miracle on 34th Street?

This dude is just as surprised as you are that he made the ABA Top 25 Lawyer Movies. This week, with ambient Christmas music having burrowed its way deep into my subconscious, I decided to watch a Christmas classic, #25 on the ABA’s list of the 25 best legal movies… Miracle on 34th Street 1947


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: Denial

Usually, searching for The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time means sitting down on the couch, finding a movie on iTunes, and restarting my router a few times until the thing loads. This week, however, I had occasion to actually get out of the house and take a trip to my local cineplex, where a new courtroom drama is gracing screens. It’s called “Denial,” and it came out in select cities on September 30th. Here’s my review:


The Greatest Lawyer Movies of All Time: A Time to Kill

For this week’s installment of The Greatest Lawyer Movies of all time, I watched…

A Time to Kill
1996 dir. Joel Schumacher

A ten-year-old girl is raped and nearly killed in rural Mississippi. She is black. The rapists are vile, white, Confederate flag-waving hicks, the kind only found in neglected rural backwaters and Hollywood genre films. They’re quickly apprehended, but will a jury of their white peers let them walk? The victim’s father is not willing to run that risk and decides to take the law into his own hands.