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Logical Reasonings / 3.19.15

A) 8 life hacks for law school students. Barrister on a Budget

B) Uh oh, troubled law school is offering buyouts to tenured professors– OH NO! THAT’S INFILAW’S ENTRANCE MUSIC! Above the Law

C) A Harvard study says which law school classes are most useful when you start your legal career. LawSchooli

D) Can President Obama ignore the Supreme Court if they rule against Obamacare? Wall Street Journal

E) Relive what the world was like #BeforeTwitter. @Midnight

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Last Days to Get 10% Off Any Class

All good things must come to an end, and Blueprint’s 10th Anniversary Sale is no different. Tomorrow (3/3) is the last day we’ll be offering 10% off any of our courses in celebration of our 10th birthday.

Over 80 students have already taken advantage of the sale, saving some bucks on the best LSAT prep classes around; if you’ve been thinking about taking the June or October LSAT, there’s never been a better time to sign up for a Blueprint course.

When Blueprint founders Trent Teti, Matt Riley and Jodi Triplett gathered in February 2005 to start a new kind of LSAT prep company, they had no idea that their dream would take the company through 36 cities, 4 offices, and enough coffee to fill the L.A. River.

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How to Choose an LSAT Study Method

If you’re planning on taking the LSAT in June or October, you should already be thinking about how you’ll prepare. There are many effective ways to study for the LSAT, and your prep doesn’t have to break the bank. Before we talk about the pros and cons of each method of preparation, here are a couple ground rules to keep in mind:

The LSAT is extremely learnable but takes a ton of work, so regardless of what study method you choose, you should plan on a minimum of two to three months of intense studying before test day.

There are plenty of great resources for LSAT preparation, but make sure you do your research before selecting one.

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Blueprint’s 10th Anniversary Sale!

While you were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day/President’s Day/Susan B. Anthony Day (which really gets lost in the shuffle), we here at Blueprint we’re doing a little celebrating of our own…


When Blueprint founders Trent Teti, Matt Riley and Jodi Triplett gathered in February 2005 to start a new kind of LSAT prep company, they had no idea that their dream would take the company through 36 cities, 4 offices, and enough coffee to fill the L.A. River. But a decade later, we couldn’t be prouder of the way their dream has taken shape. Blueprint has helped over 25,000 students improve their LSAT scores and get into the law schools of their dreams.

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February LSAT Prep Classes Start Next Weekend!

With just one week to go until the December LSAT, it’s almost time to turn our attention towards the next administration.

Some of you may be studying for the December 6th LSAT and feeling utterly unprepared; if that’s the case, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of postponing your test. Other readers may already be prepping for the February LSAT, and wondering how you can avoid ending up in that “utterly unprepared” boat.

Either way, I’d suggest checking out Blueprint’s winter course offerings. We’re currently offering $100 off any course with the discount code BPFEB.

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Welcome December 2014 LSAT Students!

As we usher our beloved summer students out into the world, like overprotective soccer moms with bitter tears in our eyes, it’s time to welcome a whole new batch of LSAT preppers to the world of Blueprint. And we do mean world, as fall courses start this weekend in:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Berkeley
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Fullerton
  • Houston
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Be A Good Consumer: My Talk With A Law School Dean (Part Two)

Last week, in Part One of our interview, I spoke with Southwestern Law School Vice Dean Catherine Carpenter about law school curriculum – both its importance and its evolution. Today we move on to how curriculum can (or should) influence your choice of law school.


Most Strongly Supported: We’ve seen a lot of evolution in legal education and the job market recently. But we just did a survey of our summer students, and for most of them, prestige is still the thing that matters most when choosing a law school, often to their detriment. What do you say to students who value a school’s ranking above all else?

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LSAT Instructor: My First Week of Law Classes

Classes – the graded, real kind – started this week at Columbia. Sure, we did go through three weeks of Legal Methods, but that’s a pass-fail class that everyone passes.

Among other things, you’re supposed to get your first cold-calls out of the way in Legal Methods. You see, at law school, professors don’t wait for someone to contribute to the class discussion. They call on people. So you’d better be ready.

Or not.

Class participation usually won’t figure into your final grade, so you can flub all your cold-calls, but you’d better have a high tolerance for public shaming.

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Celebrate Our Students’ 11-Point Score Increase with an 11% Discount

Today’s a big day for all of us here at Blueprint HQ: we just got the results of our score increase study. We asked independent accounting firm BPE&H to analyze the LSAT practice test results of every first-time classroom Blueprint student from our spring session, and figure out how much they improved from the first practice test on their very first day of class to the best PT in the course of their studies.

The results:
–   Blueprinters average an 11-point increase on LSAT practice tests.
–   87.97% of students increased their score by 5 or more points.
–   58.51% of students increased their score by 10 or more points.
–   25.73% of Blueprint students increased their score by 15 or more points.