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Decision Time

In a perfect world, it would rain donuts, we’d all be able to turn water into wine, and no one would ever have to wonder whether they should cancel their LSAT score. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, but hopefully I can resolve any confusion on that last point for you.

In general, the bar for whether you should cancel your score is surprisingly high. There are several reasons for that: For one, it’s notoriously hard to judge how you performed on the LSAT based on how it felt.

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Cancel My December LSAT Score? Keep It? Help!

The deadline to cancel your December LSAT score is this Friday. That’s coming up, so let’s talk about what it means and how to make the decision.

You can cancel your LSAT score through by going to the LSAT Status page of your LSAC account and following the instructions there. Those words feel weird to type — you’d be shocked at how recently canceling required a fax or overnight-mailed letter.

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Should I cancel my September LSAT score?

You have a few days left, but, if you’re considering canceling your September 2016 LSAT score, it’s time to give it serious thought.

Directly below, you will find a timeless classic of Blueprint videography, To Cancel or Not to Cancel, featuring Blueprint founder and certified LSAT-cancelologist, Matt Riley.

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Cancel my LSAT score? Don’t? Help!

Congratulations on finishing the June LSAT! For some, completion of the test is a cathartic and happy experience. For others, it is accompanied by dread and anxiety. If you’re in the latter camp, you might be thinking about cancelling your score. This post is dedicated to helping you understand how to go about making that decision and, if necessary, how to cancel your score.

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Before you cancel that February LSAT score…

Over the course of my first three semesters of law school, I have never walked out of an exam feeling like I performed well. Usually, I go home after a test, wallow in despair and self-pity, go out and get a drink (okay, fine, drinks), come back and wallow in despair and self-pity, and then wait for the sweet solace of sleep so that I can resume studying in the morning. Rinse and repeat. My experience with the LSAT was largely the same.

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Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?

Congratulations on surviving Test Day! If you’re like most other test takers, you probably left the testing site feeling some mixture of relief and dread. The part of you that’s feeling relief is just glad that’s finally over with and is telling you to go get some ice cream, or watch GOT, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. But the part of you that’s feeling dread is probably screaming at you to cancel your score.

Let’s be clear: most of you should not cancel your scores.

First of all, everyone experiences some level of self-doubt after walking out of the test. That’s totally normal. But nobody knows for sure how they did until scores are released. It’s very possible you did better than you think, but if you cancel your score you’ll never know.

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Should I Cancel My February LSAT?

To cancel or not to cancel. That is the question.

The answer is probably not.

One of my fellow LSAT instructors once almost ended up canceling what turned out to be a 180. Why? Well, he felt a bit weird after the test. Luckily, he realized that it was just nerves, fatigue, and post-LSAT mush head messing with him.

But here’s how you can think rationally about canceling. Write down how many questions you honestly think you missed per section. If you felt like the logic games section went as it normally goes for you, then take off however many questions you usually miss.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.8.14

Thinking of canceling your December score? Learn how law schools evaluate the LSAT. US News & World Report

Columbia Law is allowing students to postpone exams in the wake of the Michael Brown/Eric Garner grand jury decisions… Wall Street Journal

…but not all of their students are happy about the way they’ve dealt with this particular legal/racial discussion. Above the Law

For the first time since 2005, less than half of test sitters passed the California Bar Exam. LA Times

New favorite website. beesbeesbees.com

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September LSAT Wrap Up: To Cancel or Not To Cancel

So you took the LSAT on Saturday. It wasn’t the dreamlike experience you hoped it would be. Now you’re wondering, “Should I cancel my score?” We’re here to help.

First, let’s go over what it means to cancel your LSAT score, and how to do it. LSAC has to receive your cancellation request within six days of the LSAT. You can send your request by fax or overnight mail; there’s no way to cancel your LSAT score online. LSAC tells you exactly what to send to cancel your LSAT score.

If you cancel your September LSAT, law schools will see that you took the test, but they won’t ever know what you would have scored. And neither will you; your September LSAT score will be forever a mystery. It will, however, count toward your limit of three LSAT administrations within two years even if you cancel.

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To Cancel Your June LSAT Score, or Not To Cancel?

Should I cancel my LSAT score? That’s the question many of you are asking in the aftermath of the June LSAT. It’s entirely normal to feel less than great about the LSAT the day after the test, so it’s important to weigh this decision carefully.

First, let’s get the nuts and bolts of cancelling your LSAT score out of the way.

You have 6 calendar days to cancel your LSAT score. You can only cancel in writing; you can find the form as well as information on LSAC’s policies here. Since the LSAT was this Monday, the deadline to cancel your LSAT score is this coming Sunday. The important thing: this is the deadline for LSAC to receive your cancellation, not a postmark deadline.