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Save on All Blueprint Courses During our Cyber Week Sale!

I won’t bury the lead–we were going to have a Black Friday Sale, but to show how thankful we are for all our students, we’re extending that sale for the whole week! Enjoy steep discounts during our BIGGEST sale of the year from now until November 26, 2018 (Cyber Monday). Use promo code CYBER350 to save $350 off a classroom course, CYBER250 to save $250 off a Live Online course, or CYBER200 to save $200 off our online course (no materials fee!).

Now for why this matters to you, and how this isn’t another example of rampant consumerism.

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You Can Still Register for LSAT Prep Classes for the January LSAT

You know that feeling when you think a great opportunity has passed you by, but then, it hasn’t? That’s what we’re hoping you’re about to feel right now–there is still time to register for Blueprint LSAT courses to prepare for the January LSAT! Whether you were already planning on taking the winter test, are feeling unsure about the November LSAT this Saturday, or simply want to take one of the last few paper exams before the LSAT goes digital, this is your last chance to register for the classes starting now to prepare for the January exam.

If in-person LSAT classes or live online LSAT classes are not your forte, we recommend the equally as effective online course or private tutoring! Score some steep discounts on all these courses by attending our webinar tomorrow afternoon!

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Classes for the January LSAT are Starting Soon!

Now that Halloween is officially over, we should be preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Well, yes, but not if you’re planning on taking the January LSAT. With only a few months out before the exam, now is the time to register for a class, purchase an online course, or find a tutor.

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How to Choose an LSAT Prep Course

Scorpios, Geminis, INTJ, ESTP, introvert, extrovert or however you choose to identify, we can all admit we’re unique and learn differently. Some of us are morning people, others are more productive with their laptop propped up in bed, and still others can only find time to themselves on their commute to work. Fortunately, Blueprint LSAT understood this and decided to meet students where they are. You’re not basic, so why should your test prep be? Below we breakdown the three LSAT prep courses we offer to help you find your perfect option. Plus, all these courses for the January 2019 LSAT are on sale this week only!

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20% Off All Blueprint Tutoring Packages!

September 24th, September 24th… That date sounds important — and it’s just around the corner — but I can’t for the life of me remember what the big deal about September 24th is.

Okay, just Googled it, and it’s rapper and 2 Chainz collaborator Kreayshawn’s birthday. I mean, that’s important and all, but I just don’t think it’s…

Oh yeah: The LSAT.

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Law School Admissions Webinar This Thursday at 6 pm PST!

You’ve probably heard of Blueprint’s legendary Law School Admissions seminars, which lead you step-by-step through the law school admissions process. You haven’t? What rock are you living under? And what’s it like to live under a rock? Anyway, back to reality. Blueprint offers an easy to understand and easy to execute strategy for putting together a winning law school application, and we throw in some great LSAT info for free.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.10.16

A. You still have a chance to enter to win a free summer Blueprint LSAT course, classroom or online! Blueprint LSAT Prep

B. Law school is expensive. This student turned to prostitution to pay the bills. Reasonable? Abominable? Above the Law

C. Looks like West Virginia is feeling the Bern today. It’s not enough to save the campaign, though. CNN

D. Need relief from all the crazy news that makes you want to scream? Here’s a list, with breathtaking photos, of the most beautiful location in each state. Believe it or not, Nebraska is not uniformly horrible. Pure Wow

E. Do you ever look at your car and think, “Man, there just aren’t enough swastikas on this thing.” Well, here’s a craigslist ad with the car for you. Jalopnik

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Reddit AMA with veteran Blueprint instructor today at 1 pm PST!

For those of you not in the know, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Just like it sounds, you can ask me anything. I’m assuming your questions about the LSAT will be at the forefront, but I also graduated from UCLA School of Law in 2010, so feel free to ask me about UCLA, law school in general, the admissions process, how I get my hair so shiny, what that noise is — anything!