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The LSAT is Coming…dun dun dun

We’re just a few months away from the October LSAT, which means that our courses are ABOUT TO GO DOWN. If you’ve made the (right) decision to sign up with us, we’ve listed some tips to help you get the most out of your course and also some vital life-saving tips that’ll prevent you from totally sh*tting on yourself on that first day. We get it. It happens.

First, a bit about myself. Two years ago, I was gearing up to take an LSAT prep class with Blueprint. I was lucky enough to have Matt Riley as my instructor (he’s one of the founders of Blueprint—he is a fantastic teacher and a great guy). After completing the class and taking the LSAT, I landed a job as an instructor for Blueprint. I taught for a little while before accepting an offer of admission from Columbia. I am now gearing up to begin my second year there! All of that to say, I know the Blueprint course method from both the perspective of a student and the perspective of an instructor. Consider yourself a lucky reader.

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Grand Prize Winner of the Blueprint Video Contest

Throughout June, while you were planning weddings, Vegas trips, and barbeques, Blueprint was holding a video contest to give away a free Blueprint LSAT course. Participants had to submit a video of no more than three (3) minutes that incorporated the words and/or visual representations “LSAT”, “Thurgood Marshall”, and “spatula.”

If you are the avid Blueprint groupie that we know you all are (please, just let us have this one fantasy), you may have seen all the videos on our Facebook page. Although all our submissions were awesome, as is typical of first prize winners, there can only be one (Ricky Bobby quote inserted here) and Daniel Spafford earned that title. His east coast swag and sick flow helped him rack up the most votes from viewers, and his passion for Blueprint (or the free course) swooned the judges (Matt thought it was pretty cool he was in his first rap video).

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Why You Should Take a Prep Course, and Also Shop at Ikea

This weekend I moved. In the past, I moved perhaps twice a year for roughly five years in my twenties and had it down to a science. One U-haul, some hastily packed boxes that eventually gave way to drawers emptied into garbage bags, and voila! I was done.

Then I moved from a condo where I have been residing for approximately seven years. Using inductive reasoning, I thought the condo move would be the same as the numerous apartment moves I had experienced in my (relative) youth. Right? Wrong. Three days, one very sore back, and two workers who weren’t amused that an 8 hour work day stretched into 12 hours later, I learned my lesson.

Where is the LSAT in all this, you may wonder. Don’t worry; it’s tied to the lesson. Here’s the deal.

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What to Do Before Your October LSAT Prep Class Starts

If you’re taking a prep course for the October LSAT, it’ll probably be starting sometime next month (or thereabouts). Once it begins, you’ll have an incredible amount of work to do. Studying for the LSAT is one of the most rigorous things you’ll ever have the pleasure of undertaking. Your social life is going to be going into hibernation for a few months, and you very well might end up with a vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight. It’s gonna be great. But you’ll get through it all if you keep your eye on the prize, namely an awesome LSAT score.

But what should you do between now and the beginning of class?

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Top Three Things to do with your LSAT Books After Test Day

Those who are reading this post (or this blog, for that matter) are in one of two camps. In Camp #1 are those who took the October LSAT and are currently spending their days basking in post-LSAT relief, leisurely composing their personal statements. In Camp #2 are those who are in the midst of studying for the LSAT beast, who are undoubtedly wondering what sick bastard invented the tiered ordering game. There is a third camp of MSS readers who we don’t like to talk about, but rest assured that we will hunt them down and find out what they’re up to.

If you are like me and are in Camp #1, you’re patiently waiting while a team of LSAC-certified scoring gnomes hand grade your exams in the South Pole (I admit that’s a rumor, but it’s never been disproved).

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Cancellation Deadline for the October 2010 LSAT Today

Welcome everyone to the hardest decision you’ll have to make this week: whether or not to cancel your LSAT. Today is the last day to cancel your score. Bright side: you won’t have to worry about it anymore after this. Dark, foggy side: you have to make the decision today, and you have to actually fax your decision to LSAC. We weren’t even aware fax machines still existed, but so it goes.

If you’re still looking for advice on whether or not cancel the test, you can check out Jodi Triplett’s post from earlier in the week or check out the featured video on the right hand side of the screen. Good luck!

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Studying with Victoria: October 2010 LSAT Recap

We did it, guys!! The weight has been lifted and we are free! Months and months of logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension passages finally paid off for about four hours. It’s all over and you’ll never have to answer questions about the author’s attitude towards dark matter, Canadian legal developments, or Native American basket weaving again. Unless you have some sick addiction to the LSAT or something and you need a fix like some logic junkie.
My plan to not actually remember taking the test didn’t pan out, so I guess I owe the LSAT a big “Thanks for the memories!” The other upside is that you, dear reader, get to read about my crazy, gut-wrenching, triumphant day.
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Should you cancel your October 2010 LSAT score?

Six days, people.  That’s how long you get to decide whether or not you should cancel your LSAT score.  Six days full of sleepless nights, self-doubt, and—in particularly egregious cases—more boxed wine than a human should probably imbibe.  If you took the LSAT on October 9th, you need to decide by October 15th.
Let’s first all share a moment of silence for everyone who is contemplating canceling their score.  It’s not the outcome anyone wants after 2-3 months of studying, and we should respect that.  One.  Two.  Three.  Moving on.
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Rod Taynes’ October 2010 LSAT Recap: Location Does Matter

Hello out there to my fellow October 2010 LSAT comrades. I sincerely hope that everyone is in relatively good spirits now that the exam is behind you and you have had some time to decompress. I would like to share my own LSAT experience with you, as well as compare this administration with the June administration (without ruffling any feathers over at the LSAC about their intellectual property, of course).

I signed up to take the October LSAT in Orange County because Saddleback College was the closest “Blueprint Certified” testing site that had availability.

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What to Pack for the October LSAT on Saturday

So by now you should have completed most of your studying. If you’re planning on taking a practice test today, I’d probably recommend against it, but that’s a judgment call. If you do any kind of studying tomorrow (Friday), however, I will come to wherever you are and viciously berate you.

That said, there is something important to consider for test day that we have refrained from mentioning thus far in our blog preview of the October LSAT: what to pack. Now, you’re not going on a three day trip to Flagstaff, so you don’t need to worry about bringing extra underwear, unless there’s a particularly scary logic game. But there are a number of items that are of equal importance. Without further ado…