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Graduate sues Thomas Jefferson School of Law: Is this the new normal?

I believe in the market. People generally know what they want and how much it’s worth to them. Or they should. So it’s buyer beware. But around the time of the Financial Crisis—give or take a few years—the market for legal education was dysfunctional, and some think it’s still so.

The main issue was that schools, from the prominent to the struggling, were fudging their employment statistics and costs of attendance. Common tactics included lumping part-time, non-legal jobs, and law school funded jobs into a school’s employment rate, and leaving off living costs during winter and summer break. That’s misleading when attending law school could cost students $100,000 a year, including cost of living. Part-time non-legal jobs ain’t gonna cut it.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.15.16

A. Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg were apparently not satisfied with merely savagely murdering the once-proud Indiana Jones franchise with the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and so now they’re going to defecate on its grave with yet another sequel. Stop it! Deadline

B. The ABA has all sorts of wacky new rules and regs for law school accreditation. Oh, you silly lawyers. Above the Law

C. As it stands this moment, it looks like Trump will win in Florida but lose Ohio to Gov. John Kasich. Absolute proof of the old adage, “You win some, you lose some.” CNN

D. Dude. Bro. Dude. Guess what? You can get free Slurpees on Friday and Saturday if you bring anything resembling a cup. We are going to get rrreeeeeaaaalllllyyyy weird with this one. USA Today

E. Mariah Carey is getting her own reality show which she refuses to call a reality show. Way to diva it up before it even starts. People

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Jobless Law School Grads Suing Alma Maters

A few years ago, the United States experienced a recession (I really hope that isn’t news to anyone…). The legal market—like most industries—experienced a substantial decline as a result of the economic downturn. Many law students found themselves without employment after graduating. In an effort to recoup their losses, some students tried suing their schools. This post is going to provide a brief overview of those students’ lawsuits; then, it will segue into a discussion of how to maximize employment opportunities in the current legal market.