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Choosing a Law School After You’re Accepted

At this point in the year, as you’re practically blowing your nose and wiping your bum with an unmanageable mountain of law school acceptance letters (*fingers crossed*), you enter the hardest part of the application journey: deciding where to go.

For most people, the primary factors to consider are — in precisely this order — cash, money, guap, and cheeze. Whether in the form of scholarships, grants, or financial aid, it’s imperative that you consider where your school choice will land you financially in three years. That’s truer now than ever before, because graduate school debt, and law school debt in particular, has drastically increased in the last few years without a commensurate rise in payment or employment prospects. In fact, since 2008, many firms have actually scaled back their hiring, and some schools have responded with shady-at-best practices to obfuscate their blighted placement records.