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Which Schools Are Accepting the GRE Now?

For years, law schools were wedded to the LSAT. Like any marriage, it had its ups and downs, but it was a bedrock relationship. The LSAT, after all, was the test developed for law schools. The LSAT pledged to help law school assess the lawyerly mettle of applicants; law schools promised to use the LSAT as its primary means of applicant appraisal. Through these vows, a mutually beneficial partnership was forged.

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It’s Application Time: How to Choose Your Schools

You’ve finally got your application all together — LSAT score, transcript, letters of recommendation, and personal statement all uploaded to LSAC and ready to be sent out to the 203 ABA-accredited law schools. But clearly you don’t want to waste valuable time and money on all of them, so you’re going to want to prioritize that list down to schools that are both good fits for you, personally and professionally, as well as ones that you have a good shot at being admitted to.

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September 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival

To celebrate the fact that we’ve made it through another LSAT, we’re throwing a party. And not just any kind of party — a carnival! Yes, a veritable carnival. But not the capital-C Caribbean cruise Carnival. Nor is it the wild party from Brazil “carny-vahl.” And it’s definitely not that menacing Italian character … that’s a Cannavale. It’s a post-LSAT carnival.

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Your September 2019 LSAT Instant Reaction

You made it. You just finished the September 2019 LSAT. You completed the LSAT-leg of your journey to law school and the legal profession. And — for reasons known only to you — you have chosen to spend your first post-LSAT moments with us, an LSAT blog. At any rate, we’re definitely happy to have you.

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You Got This: How to Get Prepared for the Big Day Tomorrow

You’ve (almost) made it. Tomorrow’s the big day. The day you’ve been dreading looking forward to since you plodded through your first logic game. But whether you’re an anxious test-taker or an adrenaline junkie who lives for the thrill of the challenge, it’s only one more sleep until the September LSAT. Hey, don’t make that face! C’mon with me, we’re gonna walk through how to make it through today together.