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Predictions for the November 2019 LSAT

The November LSAT is just around the corner — once this weekend bends back around into another week, it’ll officially be test day. And that, of course means that our in-house prognosticator (i.e., me) must emerge from his dark and dank LSAT bunker, dust off a discount-bin, ersatz crystal ball, and make some predictions about what will be on the November exam.

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The Recent Changes to the LSAT Writing Section and Law School Applications, Explained

When LSAC sends an email out to everyone with an active LSAC account, you know there’s about to be some serious, capital-“N” News announced. And last Wednesday, that’s exactly what LSAC did. So when I got that email, I didn’t read passed the first four words of the subject line — which read, forebodingly, “Changes to the LSAT” — before frantically opening the email to see which changes LSAC wrought to the exam. Would they finally clarify how the Logic Games section might be changing? Would they add even more test administrations? Would they concede that, actually, the digital LSAT is more trouble than it’s worth, and go back to the traditional paper-and-pencil test?

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How Many Practice Exams Should You Take?

If you were tasked, by some cruel and capricious force, with completing a piano recital at a theater full of people, would you start preparing for the performance by attempting to complete the recital, from beginning to end, over and over again? Most of us who don’t know the first thing about pianos could not start this way; those who would have to endure our discordant performances might also prefer we didn’t.