Good luck on the October LSAT!


Tomorrow is the big day, so we at MSS have concocted a little poetic inspiration for you to digest this evening. With all apologies to Dylan Thomas.

Do Not Go Gentle into the 120’s Plight

Do not echo the 120’s plight,
Old tests you should close by the end of day;
Rage, rage against studying tonight.

Though wise men at their end know we’re right,
Because some chose to study the night before they
Then echoed the 120’s plight.

You good students with a good law school JD might
become a Supreme Court Justice like Sandra Day,
And not echo the 120’s plight.

Wild youths from whom sobriety took flight
Or were unable to keep Jim Beam at bay,
Will assuredly echo the 120’s plight.

Grave students, most anxious, who kept prep tests in sight
Agonizing so profusely that they may,
Worry themselves into the 120’s plight.

And you, Blueprint student, there on that sad height,
Try to relax at this moment, we pray.
Do not echo the 120’s plight.
Rage, rage against studying tonight.

Good luck tomorrow, everyone. The LSAT won’t know what hit it.

2 Responses

  1. Shaw Davari says:

    *tear rolls down cheek*

  2. Victoria says:

    *applause* Beautiful, just beautiful.

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