The December 2016 LSAT: Instant Recap


Good luck today! Check back here after the exam for information or to add what you know in the comments. We’ll be updating throughout the day.

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  1. I need a nap! says:

    LG is my strongest. This LG was VERY time consuming. Of all the preptest I took, I don’t recall a game with multiple factors (not rules). Never felt so uncertain about LG before

    LR was standard.

    RC passages were time consuming but easy to answer questions followed.

    • Nayiri Partamian says:

      That LG was HORRIBLE. I have never encountered something like that either!

      • I need a nap! says:

        I was obviously too bogged to properly explain myself right after the exam, but the 3rd “part”….OMG. I don’t know if I was just mentally exhausted or if it was really that hard. I’ve never seen a game like that!

      • Huh says:

        You guys should have paid more careful attention in class and in your homework. That was a variation on a game type they covered for us.

        Just because it was uncommon and may not have looked exactly the same doesn’t make it impossible.

        To finish the section, you really had to bang out the easier two games in 5 minutes each, or about 10-11 mins total max to have time for the more intricate games. Luckily, having put in endless hours on games, I was indeed able to knock those easier games out within 5 minutes, leaving me time for the tough games.

  2. migraine says:

    My worst section has been logic games, so my goal was only to finish three. I actually finished the first three with enough time to start on the fourth and managed to crank out a couple of the conditional questions, but had to guess on the others, including the elimination question.

    Given I only slept a couple hours before the test, it didn’t feel so bad. It’s also possible that it went horribly and I couldn’t properly gauge my performance due to sleep deprivation.

  3. Ugh says:

    Honestly don’t know how to feel. I went into this test with RC being my weakest and LG being my strongest and walked out feeling terrible about LG and pretty good about RC.

    I had the experimental LG and both of the sections were time consuming but after seeing those 2 awful games I knew right away that it must be the real section. I’d never felt so helpless with logic games before and I’m definitely worried even though the first 2 games were fairly easy. The LR felt pretty standard, not easy or incredibly difficult. It felt like a good mix of hard and fairly ok questions.

    As someone who also took the September test I feel like this one was harder, at least for me. The hardest part of the September test was the RC which totally destroyed me and I thought LG was almost a walk in the park on a sunny day compared to this time.

  4. enough says:

    i felt the games were super easy. in fact i wondered if i had messed something up because i still had time to go back and reread each option and make sure i didn’t mess anything up. on the other hand, the fourth reading subject had the most questions and i barely had a couple minutes to get through it all even after i had messed it all up.

    • a sad tomato says:

      that 4th subject felt like my Achilles heel on that exam. I did not have enough time to get through those last 7 questions so guessed on most of them :(. I felt really good on LG so I’m hoping it offsets that RC

  5. chiamaka emerenini says:

    what section was the experimental in the dec 3 lsat?

    • Hi Chiamaka,

      It is no longer the case that everyone has the experimental in the same section. You might have it in section 2, whereas someone else has it in section 3. In order to determine which section on your exam was the experimental, I’d direct you the LSAT subreddit. The information in the boxes posted by the redditor should help you figure out which section on your exam was the experimental. If you have any questions after reviewing that info, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      • chiamaka emerenini says:

        so i know its one of my games but idk which one. one game was harder than the other… but who knows

        • The games section was apparently very difficult, so it’s quite possible that was the real one. The real games section had a game about corporations trading with each other and another about oil/watercolor paintings on a wall. That one will affect your score; the other won’t.

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