December LSAT: Instant Recap

We may not know much about the December LSAT, but we do know that it is over.

Today thousands of law school hopefuls filled LSAT testing centers across the country in hopes of earning an LSAT score that will catapult them into law school admission paradise. Were you one of them? What did you think?

So far, the consensus seems to lean towards a pretty standard LSAT overall. Some folks thought an RC section on perfuming was kind of hilarious, while others found it tough going. Likewise, an LG involving rugs was either cake or a real time-burner.

Agree? Disagree? Start talking about your LSAT test day experience. How do you think you did? Which sections tripped you up, if any? Did anything crazy happen at your LSAT testing center?

Remember: LSAC prohibits us from publishing any big specifics from any LSAT, (this includes question content, experimental section identification beyond the most general terms, etc.). So if your comment is not approved, it most likely violated some kind of rule or was close enough that we didn’t want to risk it.

56 Responses

  1. Karli says:

    I’m hoping section 4 RC was an experimental it was the only section I had trouble completeing, any thoughts which was experimental?

  2. MacKenzie says:

    Last game about lectures was hard because time consuming because rules were not as narrowing as usual. Any idea what experimental LR was?

  3. Ani says:

    Does anyone remember which of the LG sections – first or second – was experimental?

  4. Jessie says:

    The second LG games section was the real one. The first one was experimental. The real one has question about colored rugs and professors and sections of classes.

    • ermegah says:

      Hey jessie, do you remember anything about the “experimental” logic games, I am just trying to remember if I had it first or second and cannot remember the games for the life of me.

  5. Jessie says:

    Can you tell my brain is fried from the LSAT today? LG Games haha.

  6. ermegah says:

    OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAD 2 LG SECTIONS, can you guys remember any from the EXPERIMENTAL section?

  7. lawstudent says:

    This test was very difficult, similar in many ways to the September test. There was a brutal LR section that the correct answer could only be arrived at through a process of elimination. LG is my best section and after flying through the first two games, I spent too much time on the harder third game and could not finish the fourth. This rarely happens to me. Had an experimental RC that was quite easy, but the harder one turns out to be the one that counts. The second LR was quite easy but overall test was difficult.

  8. Jessica says:

    I had LGLRLGLRRC. Of course I got stuck with section 5 RC! But I am pretty sure my second LG section was experimental, because I breezed through it. It seemed waayyy too easy. My first LG section seemed much more difficult. LR seemed pretty standard. RC was tough as well, but that could be because it was my last section.

    • ermegah says:

      hey jessica, I believe I had the same exact ordering as you and I felt that my second logic games was easier as well but I cannot remember which games were on which lol. Do you remember which games were in the “experimental”?

      • Colb C says:

        That’s the order my test was in too. I agree that the 2nd LG section was fairly easy. I’m hoping the first LG section was experimental though. Games 1 and 2 were pretty easy for me, then 3 and 4 were time killers, especially trying to diagram 3 (the rugs).

        • Michael says:

          I had the same order, but I can’t remember if I had the rugs as Section 1 or 3, though I know that one was supposed to be the real one. I recall Section 3 being MUCH easier, so hopefully I had rugs for 3! The only other game I remember (must have been experimental section) involved building a class schedule. Does anyone else remember that or other games from that section?

  9. Hawaii says:

    Did all tests of the LR LG LR RC LR format have the same experimental LR section? I can’t tell if it was LR1 or LR2.

    • Ryle says:

      I’m not sure but thats the order I had. What makes you think the experimental was lr 1 or 2 I hope it was one!

      • Hawaii says:

        There seems to be a consensus that LR3 was real because it had 26 questions whereas LR1 ad LR2 had 25 each. And in the tests with no experimental LR section, there was on 26 LR and one 25 LR. But I just don’t know if there were more than just three possible LR sections. Maybe there were 4 or 5 or 6 and LSAT mixed em’ up. Does anyone know if LSAT does this? (Making it virtually impossible to discern which LR is experimental).

  10. rara says:

    Anyone else have three logical reasoning sections? Two were average and one was super hard. Hoping the difficult one was experimental

    • Ryle says:

      I had 3 lr and the first one, section 1 I thought was pretty hard. Unusual for me. I’m really really hoping that was the experimental. It had the Greek column question early in the section

      • Mac Kenzie says:

        I had the same sections as you and I too am praying Lr 1 was the experimental with the Greek columns I remember and the Chinese paints of white and purple. I hope this is the experimental but I don’t know!! Does anyone else remember any of their LR questions so we can try and figure it out?

        • fuel shed says:

          i had 2 LG sections and only 1 LR– and my LR section had Greek Columns and purple paint…

          what did your LG section have? remember anything beyond “rugs”? I can’t for the life of me remember which LG section rugs was in for me!

        • Em says:

          I also had only 2 LR. The greek column, and chinese paints (that one was difficult, I remember) were definitely on the exam, as was the jury nullification. Not sure if all in the same section though.

  11. rara says:

    Yeah, LR is usually my best section. Ive been getting 165-ish on my PTs , if I get that in the actual exam I’ll be pretty happy!

  12. Paloma says:

    Did anyone else think the last LG was brutal??? The one with the two university’s?

    • Fuel shed says:

      Paloma, Was the university one you refer to the one with photographers being assigned? tough! Was that the real LG section? Do you remember any of the other games in it? Trying to piece together which one was “real”

  13. Colb C says:

    Apparently I had the same test form as the original poster. The LG 3 Rugs question was a time burner for me, I can only hope it was in the experimental section. In reading comp, the perfume passage was pretty funny, and easy, which is good because RC is my weakest area.

    I had just finished the online course before testing. Even though I completed it in just over a month, and had to skim certain section, I would have been lost without the course.

  14. vision says:

    Is there anyone taking the test in Asia (China,Japan,Koera)? Does anyone know how do they curve the scores? The tests are different, so do they curve each test separately or together?

  15. fuel shed says:

    mackenzie, i’m not sure. jury nullification sounds familiar, but i’m not as confident i had that. you remember anything about your LG besides rugs? maybe one about photographers assigned somewhere? or?

  16. Mike says:

    Anyone who took the test in Europe/Middle East/Africa do you remember how many questions were in your logic games section(s)?

  17. Paloma says:

    I had 2 RC sections and would love some help figuring out which one was the real one from ppl who only had one :) thanks!!

    • dani says:

      i only had one that involved perfume and mexican americans , if you could tell me anything about your games section, like if it involved assistants being assigned to professors that would be of much help!

  18. Bobby says:

    I had LR, LG, LR, LR, RC. Anyone else?

  19. sunny says:

    I had LR (25q) LG LR (26q) RC LR(26q).

    I’m guessing LR2, which I thought was the easiest of the three, is experimental. Any thoughts? LSAC usually has PTs with two LR at either 25q + 25q or 25q + 26q. (50-51 questions between 2 sections).

    Do you all think LR2 was experimental?

    For RC there was a Mex-American passage. For LG there was a game about rugs. If you had anything besides those two, it was experimental. Help me out with LR!


  20. kkgg says:

    Idunno, was that question in the real or experimental LG section? I remember it, but am not sure which one it was in.

  21. KC says:

    To those who had only two LR sections — do you recall an LR question about grapefruit’s effect on medication?

  22. Para says:

    I wrote the december test and I thought the test was hard . However, I dont remmber anything from the test. I had LR LG LR RC LR and I felt that the first LR was really hard and the first question started with children and Candy. I was wondring if anyone else remmbers that question. I am trying to figure out whether or not that section was experimental. Also For LG game I had the Rug game and I felt like I didnt understand the game becasue I only did 3 of the question and guessed on Last two but I dont think I understood how to set up properly or what the game was asking. I felt that Mexican American passage on RC was pretty difficult. I just felt with the test the answer had this pattern where I put lets say 3 AAA which i felt weird than I started second guess my self doing it I dont know if anyone else felt that way.

  23. Paloma says:

    I got my score today.

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