Logical Reasonings

/ 9.11.18

A. Get a good look at LSAC’s current website — tomorrow it’s all going to change. LSAC

B. A taxonomy of the professors you’ll probably have in law school. Above the Law

C. Berkeley Law School is considering completely removing the Boalt name — taken from 19th century mining baron, attorney, and racist belief haver John Henry Boalt — from its campus. ABA Journal

D. Some Oregon lawyers are taking the Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME — in which the Court held that nonunion members need not pay fees for collective bargaining costs — to get out paying their mandatory bar fees. Law.com

E. A loving ode to the guy with the gumption to charge his Juul while during a lecture, a Romeo and Juuliet for our depraved times. BuzzFeed News

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