Digital LSAT FAQ

Everything You Need to Know About the Digital LSAT

What is the digital LSAT?
The “digital LSAT” refers to the move away from a paper LSAT. The Law School Admissions Test has always been taken in a paper format, much like the standardized tests you might be used to. In July 2019, the LSAT will begin to be administered digitally on tablets.

How much is the LSAT registration fee?
$200 to register.

Who is taking the digital LSAT?
Everyone after July will take the digital LSAT. Half the July test takers will take the digital LSAT, and the other half will take the pencil-and-paper exam.

In July, will the digital LSAT have different content than paper LSAT?
No. The content will be the same.

Will the digital LSAT be easier than the old paper LSAT?
No. LSAC has confirmed that content and test structure will not change.

When will the last paper LSAT be administered?
June is the last time you can guarantee you take the paper LSAT. All students in June will take the paper LSAT. Some test centers in July will administer the paper LSAT, while others will administer the digital LSAT; however, you won’t know which format of the test your test center will administer until you arrive.

Can I choose whether I take the digital or paper LSAT in July?
No. You will not know which format of the LSAT your test center will administer until you arrive at check-in on test day.

What if I don’t want to take the LSAT on a tablet because I don’t like using a tablet?
If you’re averse to using a tablet, your only option was to take the March or June paper LSAT (or take outside North America, if you really want to go the distance). You won’t know if you will have the opportunity to take the paper format in July.

How can I prepare for the digital LSAT?
Blueprint’s online practice platform has already been ahead of the curve in online LSAT prep; try it out for free. We built our digital practice test interface to be nearly identical to the LSAC platform. You can also familiarise with the official LSAC LSAT online platform in their tutorial

What tablet will the digital test be on?
Microsoft Surface Go Tablets with pre-loaded custom software. The Surface Go includes Windows 10 capabilities such as a built-in screen reader, text and icon magnifier, and many other accessibility features. The tablets will also have a built-in stand you can use.

Will the tablets be secure?
Independent testing has proven that the test questions and the candidates’ answers are secure from end-to-end of the entire testing, scoring, and reporting process.

Will you be able to underline, make notes, etc. on the digital LSAT?
You will be able to highlight in different colors, underline, flag questions, and jump from question to question, but you won’t be able to jot down any notes. You’ll also be given a stylus. Digital LSAT takers will be given a separate scratch paper.

Will there be a timer on the tablet?
Yes. There will be a timer in the corner of the tablet while you’re taking the exam.

Will we be able to diagram?
Scratch paper will be given to test takers during the exam so you can diagram, make notes, etc.

Since the LSAT is digital, will students be able to see their scores immediately after they finish the test?
At this time, LSAC has not made an announcement about changes to the scoring process. Be prepared to wait the same amount of time for your score as when the test was paper. It might get better in the future. However, July 2019 test scores won’t come back until August 28th.

Will July test takers be able to see their scores before they cancel AND get a free retake if they cancel?
Yes. July 2019 LSAT scores will be released on August 28th. Students have until September 4th to decide if they want to cancel. If they choose to cancel, they can retake the LSAT for free before April 2020. This applies to everyone taking July, regardless of the format you’re given.

Will future LSAT test takers be able to see their scores before they cancel and/or retake for free?
No. This is a one-time courtesy for people taking the July 2019 LSAT.

Is the writing section changing?
The writing section will be the first to change beginning in June 2019. The 35-minute writing section will remain unscored, but it will now be a take-home task that you can finish later on a secure online platform. By registering for the June or July LSAT, candidates will be automatically eligible to complete the writing section as of the date of their LSAT and up to one year thereafter. Starting in June, you won’t have to write additional writing samples if you take the LSAT more than once.

How will LSAC know I’m writing the sample, and not someone else?
LSAC has gone the FBI-route. Before you begin writing, candidates will complete a video check-in process on the LSAC secure online platform that you will be required to download after you register for the LSAT. As part of that process, candidates will be required to display a government-issued ID to the camera, and show their workspace to ensure that only permissible items are in that space. Both sides of any scratch paper must be shown, and the room will be scanned to make sure no other people are in the room. Candidates who require additional items in their workspace due to a disability may seek appropriate accommodations through the standard procedures for requesting testing accommodations. The proctoring software will automatically close any messaging, word-processing, or web-browsing applications before the exam begins and prevent such applications from being opened during the exam. Audio and video from every testing session will be reviewed by trained proctors and will be retained in a secure location for later review in the event of a misconduct investigation.

Can I write the writing sample on my phone or tablet?
No. You’ll need a desktop or laptop running Windows or Mac OS with a webcam, a microphone, only one connected monitor, and Internet. LSAT Writing is not compatible with mobile devices, Chrome OS, or Linux.

Will schools see all my writing samples?
LSAC is keeping its policy of allowing schools to see the candidates three most recent writing samples. You will need at least one writing sample on file.

Is there an additional fee for the LSAT Writing Section?
Yes. There will be a fee of $15 for each administration of LSAT Writing.

What if I’m having technical difficulties during the writing sample?
Support will be available 24/7 via phone or on the platform. If you experience technical problems that prevent you from finishing the sample, you will be given a different writing prompt to finish another time.

Will I be able to practice on the new digital LSAT platform and the new writing sample platform?
LSAC has released a tutorial and a practice trial on the digital LSAT platform (

Will I still be able to request accommodations?
Yes. The process for reviewing accommodations will not change. Check out the LSAC FAQ site for specific accommodation questions (

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