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The Deadline to Reschedule Your March or April LSAT Is Tonight

After canceling the March 2020 LSAT, LSAC automatically enrolled all March registrants into the next available LSAT registered in the “community” in which they were signed up to take the March LSAT.

But if you’re were signed up to take the March 2020 LSAT, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll take the LSAT on April 25, for a bunch of a different reasons.

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The March LSAT Is Canceled. Now What?

Today, LSAC made the probably difficult, definitely inconvenient-for-many-law-school-hopefuls, but, in our decidedly non-expert opinion, inevitable and socially responsible decision to cancel the March 30 LSAT. You can read their statement here.

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February 2020 LSAT Instant Reaction

Congratulations, February test takers. You did it. You entered your test center at one point in your journey to law school, and a few hours later you emerged at another point entirely. It’s a significant accomplishment. Not that it always feels that way, we know. Most people exit their test centers like …

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Predictions for the February 2020 LSAT

Well, pre-law folks, it’s time for that now nearly monthly tradition. If you studied for the January or November tests, you know the drill: the number of days remaining before an LSAT test date starts to get alarmingly low, and we summon our in-house LSAT prognosticator to make some last-minute predictions for the fast-approaching test.

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Free Law School Valentine’s Day Cards

We here at Blueprint love a good cheesy pun–it’s the blueprint to our hearts. So we decided to create some fun downloadable Valentine’s Day Cards you can (legally) send your boo, BFF, classmate, peer, etc. And they wouldn’t be Blueprint cards if they didn’t have some reference to the LSAT, so we made them with a nod to the legal field. Download and share them to your heart’s content. Note: Blueprint LSAT is not responsible for any declarations of love gone wrong that might occur when you send them.

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You have questions, we all do. Especially if you’re preparing for the LSAT. The LSAT makes naive fawns of us all, as we take our first timid steps into some LSAT prep program. So you have some questions about how to prepare for the LSAT, or how to make the most of one of our prep programs. Now, some of your questions are so common that they become “frequently asked questions.” And we have a pretty robust FAQs section on our website, both for prospective and current students. Today’s blog will address some of the less common, but still fairly common, questions we didn’t have a chance to address on our site. Call this our FEAQs (Frequently Enough Asked Questions).

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Tips for Making the Career Change to Lawyer

It’s funny, if you Google “career change to lawyer,” you’ll find article after article providing tips to people transitioning from their careers as lawyers to some other field. Keep scrolling and you’ll find the occasional article about making the transition from law student to actual attorney. You won’t find many articles about making a career change from one field to the legal field, however. As a bit of a corrective, that’s what we’ll discuss today. So, assuming the deluge of articles about leaving the field of law didn’t already deter you from pursuing a legal education or career, here are some things you might want to know about making such a career change.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the LSAT

So you’re planning on taking the LSAT? You sure?

OK, of course you’re sure. You’re going to law school, so you know you have to take this exam. Perhaps you’ve been following our step-by-step approach to applying to law school, and you’re currently stuck on step number 2. Or maybe you just caught wind of LSAC’s newly released test dates for 2020 and 2021, and you’re thinking about signing up for one of the dates.