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Logical Reasonings / 4.29.19

A. Good news! The percentage of law grads who got JD-required and -advantage jobs is ever-so-slightly on the rise. But because every bit of good news in the legal sector must be tempered, it should be noted that technically there were fewer graduates this year. ABA Journal

B. posted part two of its series on why bar exam passage rates are so low; this feature discussed how the rate affects small firms and the public sector.

C. LSAC also announced that it would address this topic in its next webinar. @LSAC_Official

D. Human rights attorney Amal Clooney and the Clooney Foundation for Justice, in partnership with Columbia Law, the ABA, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Microsoft — quite the team-up — launched TrialWatch, which will monitor trials worldwide that may pose a risk for human rights violations. It’s sort of like Avengers: Endgame, but if the only infinity stone they were after is the justice stone. Above the Law

E. In case you make your decisions about which law school to apply to based on the pull they have with graduation speakers, here’s an incomplete list of speakers for 2019 graduation ceremonies. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 4.26.19

A. Are the law students making GOT-themed memes? Yes, the law students are making GOT-themed memes. Above the Law

B. The law student on this season of Survivor — who nicknamed himself “Wardog” for some reason — was voted off the island in this week’s episode. Above the Law

C. The LGBT Bar — not a watering hole for LGBTQ people, but an association of LGBTQ legal professionals and students – compiled a list of how law schools are promoting inclusivity. LGBT Bar

D. A law firm is ponying up $1 million per year to sponsor pre-law students do nonprofit work. Bloomberg Law

E. Public defenders are tasked with representing any criminal defendant thrown their way … but even they apparently have their limits. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 4.24.19

A. Last reminder! Tonight, 11:59 pm EDT, is the deadline to register for the June LSAT. LSAC

B. This is the last LSAT that will definitely be given to you in its traditional, paper-and-pencil format, so if you don’t sign up, you should at least start playing around with the digital LSAT. LSAC

C. Cornell Law alum Frank Langrais was one of the 400 firefighters who were battling the flames that damaged Notre Dame. Cornell

D. Congrats to those who took the February 2019 New York bar exam. The results are out, and it was the highest passage rate among first-time takers from ABA-accredited schools since 2014. Above the Law

E. Government attorneys are not only less compensated than their private sector counterparts — sometimes they also contract flea-borne diseases from their workplace. LA Times

Logical Reasonings / 4.22.19

A. This Wednesday is the deadline to sign up for the June LSAT, which is the last exam that will be given in its traditional paper-and-pencil format for all test takers. LSAC

B. With bar exam passage rates in toilet across the country, Above the Law rounded up a list of the law schools with the best — and worst — first-time passage rates. Above the Law

C. 2020 presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren proposed a sweeping student loan forgiveness plan that would be highly relevant to law students planning to pursue a career in public service. CNN

D. Passover is ongoing, and if you’re a 90s gentile, it may be the case that an embarrassing amount of your knowledge about this holiday comes from the 1995 Passover-themed Rugrats episode. Here’s a fact check of that (surprisingly accurate) version. Alma.

E. It’s also Earth Day, so Vox rounded up some of the things we’ve learned since the last Earth Day. Vox

Logical Reasonings / 4.19.19

A. To everyone who took the March LSAT, congrats on getting your score back! We hope your score was everything you dreamed of, but even if it wasn’t, there’s always next time.

B. In fact, you have a few days to decide whether you want to sign up for the June 2019 LSAT — the last for-sure, no-doubt paper-and-pencil test. Registration deadline is next Wednesday. LSAC

C. Kim Kardashian is proving that family connections are always the fastest path to a job offer in the legal field. TMZ

D. The alumni network of the soon-to-be shuttered Western State School of Law are working to give the 3Ls there an actual graduation ceremony. Above the Law

E. The erudite attorneys at the ABA Journal aggregated what they consider to be the best coverage of the Mueller report. ABA Journal\

Logical Reasonings / 4.17.19

A. For those studying for the July or later LSAT — LSAC announced that it’ll be uploading two more practice exams to its website, to give people extra practice with the digital format. @LSAC_Official

B. Western State School of Law was the latest law school casualty, which means that those who transferred to Western State could be unable to earn a J.D. (you usually have to go to a law school for at least two years to earn one). Fortunately, Whittier Law is providing some assistance to those students. Above the Law

C. launched a series last week on why bar exam results have been so low, but it may have to launch a whole new series to account for this: February MBE scores increased for the first time in five years. National Conference of Bar Examiner

D. A recent study argues that the use of the LSAT is limiting diversity in law schools. Inside Higher Ed

E. Apprenticeships are in the news, after a Vogue feature on Kim Kardashian revealed that’s how she’s planning to become an attorney. The ABA Journal asks about the relative merits of that path. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 4.15.19

A. Tomorrow is the nonpublished test center deadline, if any one wants to take the June LSAT in their own private test center. LSAC

B. Above the Law offered their weekly round-up of law school memes, including many Star Wars-themed memes just in time for The Rise of Skywalker trailer drop. Above the Law

C. After getting an F in torts, a University of Hawai’i 1L decided to sue the school. And they say law school doesn’t provide real trial experience … Above the Law

D. is taking a close look at why bar exam pass rates have sunk to all-time lows in many states.

E. A New York lawyer who held herself out as an attorney for fifteen years after she was disbarred has an galaxy-brain defense: she claims she had no idea she was suspended in the first place. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 4.10.19

A. Kim Kardashian, who is apparently studying to take the bar exam in 2022 (without going to law school), offered this hot take on jurisprudence: “To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and crim law I can do in my sleep. Took my first test, I got a 100. Super easy for me.” Vogue

B. On the purpose of the Socratic method in law school classes. U.S. News & World Report

C. FIU says, “F.U.” to the LSAT. South Florida’s public law school will now accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT. Miami’s Community Newspapers

D. New York adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, but now it’s wondering if that version of the bar exam leaves people unprepared to be real lawyers.

E. At any rate, something is amiss with bar exam results … test takers’ performance on June 2018’s MBE hit a thirty-four-year low. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 3.29.19

A. Best of luck on tomorrow’s LSAT, everyone. Make sure to read up on the list of what you can and cannot bring to the test center, if you haven’t already. LSAC

B. A young woman went to law school at the same time as her father in Akron, Ohio. Now they’re both awaiting their bar results. It’s nice that during this stressful time in her life, her support system is … apparent. Akron Legal News

C. Yet another academic scandal at USC; this time, it’s at the law school. A California appeals court upheld the school’s expulsion of a student who tried to cheat her way onto law review. The Recorder

D. The ABA Journal has a pretty unfortunate headline/image combo on this one. ABA Journal

E. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a couple of gerrymandering cases. While they consider that, you should consider whether you’ve been mispronouncing “gerrymandering” all this time. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 3.27.19

A. Congrats to Elizabeth Kronk Warner, who became the first ever female dean at the University of Utah law school. The Salt Lake Tribune

B. File this away for later: tips on saving on taxes when you’re married with student loans. Above the Law

C. Leave it to a lawyer to sweat the details and get a nearly perfect bracket in this year’s NCAA tournament.

D. Con Law don Erwin Chemerinsky provides a rundown on the partisan gerrymandering cases currently on the Supreme Court’s docket. ABA Journal

E. Finally, an attorney who previously briefed a nation on a report made by another attorney promises to release at least part of said brief. Wall Street Journal