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Five Pre-Law Dating Profiles

Online dating is so prevalent now that it’s barely worth calling it “online dating” as opposed to just “dating.” How does that relate to the LSAT? Well … Let me tell you about the five pre-law students you’ll meet in heaven on law school forums.

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Blueprint’s 2019 Law Student Gift Guide

It’s December 18th … which is pretty late in the game to be thinking about holiday gifts. Shouldn’t you have that chore all … ahem … wrapped up by now? But if there are people in your life who are studying for the LSAT or in law school, you almost certainly haven’t seen them in quite some time. They’ve been totally occupied by conditional language or promissory estoppel, and haven’t been able to make much time for you. So you can be forgiven if you’re just remembering now that you need to buy them a gift.

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The Best LSAT Memes

We all hate a reductive generational stereotype … but if there’s one thing that’s true of Millennials and Gen Zers or Zoomers or whatever we’re calling them now, it’s that they love a good meme. Taking an image from SpongeBob SquarePants or The Office or anime and relating it to some shared experience — it’s every person under thirty-five’s favorite instant yuk generator.

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Five Law School Application Errors

Post-Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches have been devoured and the smell of roasting chestnuts has invaded Christmas markets the country over. Rather than basking in holiday cheer, let’s Grinch it up in here and talk about law school applications.

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How to Prepare for Law School as Sophomore

Hello, overachieving sophomore! Sophomore year of college is an exciting time, is it not? You’re finally getting to pick your own classes rather than take core requirements, navigated the party scene campus life, and may even be applying to internships.

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How to Prepare for Law School as a Freshman

Hi! I am a college freshman hoping to go to law school! What should I be doing?


My first reaction to questions like the above is a simple, “Wow.” While most college freshman are worrying about who they’ll sit with in the dining hall, some nerds pre-law freshman are worrying about LAW SCHOOL. Ugh.

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It’s Application Time: How to Choose Your Schools

You’ve finally got your application all together — LSAT score, transcript, letters of recommendation, and personal statement all uploaded to LSAC and ready to be sent out to the 203 ABA-accredited law schools. But clearly you don’t want to waste valuable time and money on all of them, so you’re going to want to prioritize that list down to schools that are both good fits for you, personally and professionally, as well as ones that you have a good shot at being admitted to.

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How to Pay for Law School

Alright, strap in. Today we’re going to talk about how to pay for law school. Waitwait, come back. Get a fortifying beverage, because we need to talk.

Law school isn’t going to pay for itself. So how are we, the prospective law students, supposed to deal with the terrifying dollar signs that float ominously in the corners of rooms, casting cold shadows and humming with portents of financial doom (or is that just me…)? Let’s, uh … let’s look at some options.