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Law Student Perspective: The Amanda Knox Trial

I first heard about Amanda Knox several years ago. I glanced over a few articles on the alleged murder, but I didn’t pay too much attention to the story. As time went on, I was confused because the trial never seemed to end—I would read about a conviction, then an acquittal, and so on. A few days ago, Italy’s highest court decided on the case (again) by acquitting Ms. Knox.

As a law student, I took a keener interest in the case this time around. I was especially interested in comparing and contrasting the differences between the American legal system and the Italian legal system. The more I read, the more grateful I am to be living under the law of the ol’ U.S. of A. rather than under the control of Italy’s legal system.

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Taking LSAT Inspiration From the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Unless you’ve managed to avoid television, social media and talking to anyone over the past few weeks, you know that the Winter Olympics are in full swing. Although the LSAT is far from an athletic endeavor, there are a number of lessons that LSAT students can learn from the athletes (and Bob Costas) competing in Sochi.

LSAT Inspiration to Take From the Winter Olympics I: Don’t get discouraged

One of the most popular images to come from the Winter Olympics is Ashley Wagner’s pouty face after receiving a lower than expected score in the women’s short program of the figure skating team competition. While I hope this is not the case, I’m sure many students probably make similar (albeit less dramatic) faces when they receive their LSAT practice test scores. However, like Wagner, these students should not be discouraged and should continue working hard.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s LSAT Flaws Will Crack You Up

In case you haven’t heard, Toronto mayor Rob Ford recently admitted to smoking crack. His staffers have gone to the police with concerns about his alcohol abuse, which includes drinking and driving and swilling vodka bottle after vodka bottle in high school parking lots. His driver has been arrested on drug dealing charges. Is Ford going to resign? His answer is an emphatic no. And unless he’s convicted of a crime, there’s nothing anyone can do to remove him from office.

Toronto holds a special place on the LSAT. LSAC is often keen on reminding LSAT test takers that the LSAT is used for Canadian law schools, too. As a result, I’d wager that Toronto is one of the most used names for a variable in the LSAT Logic Games section. We’ll take a look here at some of the flawed logic surrounding Mayor Ford’s situation:

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ABA Won’t Extend Accreditation to Law Schools Overseas

According to this article, the ABA has decided against extending accreditation to law schools outside of the United States. It seems the idea behind such accreditation was to make it easier for certain foreign lawyers to get certified to practice in the U.S.

While this certainly seems like a noble (if fairly narrow) end, American law students didn’t quite see things that way. In an ever-tightening job market, law students viewed foreign-educated lawyers as yet more competition for scarce positions. Among the other reasons that the ABA cited for denial of foreign accreditation were cost and difficulty of administration.

Looking at this situation with a casual observer’s eye, it seems as though there was another possible factor in the ABA’s decision. Money. Whose money you ask? That of the American law schools who help line the ABA’s coffers.

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Pursuing an LLM degree in Ireland

I’m currently spending my days in Galway, Ireland – a quaint town where the sheepdogs run free by day, and by night drunks find themselves toppling over bridges and into the cold, rushing waters of the Eglinton Canal. Galway is also expensive, and the awful currency exchange now has me measuring all of my purchases

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The LSAT Down Under: Jay’s Trek through the Southern Hemisphere

The prodigal professor. The globetrotting guru. The traveling tutor. Whatever you want to call me, my name is Jay and I am freshly back in to the good ‘ol US of A teaching Blueprint LSAT classes in Irvine. On top of being thrilled to be back in the fantastically plastic Orange County, I find I