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Here are the Winners in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest

Last week, Blueprint LSAT Prep’s video contest for 2013 came to an end. We finished with nine submissions, each of which was a winner in its own right. Some videos followed the contest guidelines. Some of them didn’t. All of them made us smile, at least.

To catch you up to speed, we asked future LSAT test-takers to submit a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) on the dangers of self-studying for the LSAT — a la “This is your brain on drugs.” What are the life-changing effects of self-studying for the LSAT? Why should you study with Blueprint LSAT Prep instead of on your own? Why should you just say no to going at LSAT prep alone? You get the idea.

Without further ado, here are the top three videos we received:

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Grand Prize Winner of the Blueprint Video Contest

Throughout June, while you were planning weddings, Vegas trips, and barbeques, Blueprint was holding a video contest to give away a free Blueprint LSAT course. Participants had to submit a video of no more than three (3) minutes that incorporated the words and/or visual representations “LSAT”, “Thurgood Marshall”, and “spatula.”

If you are the avid Blueprint groupie that we know you all are (please, just let us have this one fantasy), you may have seen all the videos on our Facebook page. Although all our submissions were awesome, as is typical of first prize winners, there can only be one (Ricky Bobby quote inserted here) and Daniel Spafford earned that title. His east coast swag and sick flow helped him rack up the most votes from viewers, and his passion for Blueprint (or the free course) swooned the judges (Matt thought it was pretty cool he was in his first rap video).