LSAT CHANCE (see what we did there?): Summer Course Giveaway!


The Mayan Calendar predicted eons ago that this day would come. The end of the… Blueprint LSAT Summer Course Giveaway. At 5 pm PST — just a few short hours away — this here link will no longer be accepting entries. Do you want to let this opportunity pass you by? You know you’re taking Blueprint, so why not take a stab at doing it for free?

Don’t forget, this is good for a classroom course or an online course, and all this amaaaaazing stuff is yours with the price of purchase, i.e. ZERO DOLLARS:


— 76 hours of in-class instruction
— 6 in-class practice exams
— Face time with a 99th percentile instructor


— 88 hours of online instruction
— Instruction by Trent and Matt, Blueprint’s founders
— 24-hour email support


— 3 textbooks
— 14 practice LSATs
— Access to Blueprint’s groundbreaking LSAT app

What. Are. You. Waiting. For???

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