Our Fall Tutoring Sale is On! 20% Off All Tutoring Purchases!


Hey, LSAT studier. Pull up a chair, let’s have a chat. Mondays, am I right? I know.

All right, enough with the small talk. You must have a lot on your plate right now. Classes, work, organizations to which you are a contributing member, familial responsibilities, trying to find time for bae. To say nothing of this whole studying-for-the-LSAT business. I don’t know how you do it.

But, here’s the thing: we’re about 54 days until the December LSAT. Which means it’s time to start prioritizing studying for the LSAT, to make sure your score on the exam is as good as it can be.

Wait, don’t panic! You look like you’re panicking a little bit! It’s going to be OK. We got you. And by “we,” I mean Blueprint’s cadre of very wise tutors. Our tutors are experienced LSAT pros, and can help make this studying process go off without a hitch. They can get you on track for the two-month push before the exam and help make this test just a little less scary.

And, for this week only, we’re giving you a discount for all tutoring purchases. From today through Friday, October 13th at 6:30pm PT, we’re offering a 20% discount on all Blueprint tutoring purchases. Yep, all of them. From a two-hour a la carte purchase to our premier packages, you’ll get 20% off. Just enter the promo code FALL20 at checkout, and you’ll get hooked up with a tutor to make mastering the LSAT much less daunting.

And these tutors are fine individuals. Each and every Blueprint tutor:

• Scored 170 or better on an actual LSAT;

• Received 70 hours of in-person training, by Blueprint’s founders, before being hired;

• Knows the Blueprint method front-to-back;

• Is available live or via Skype chat.

They’re basically lovable nerds who know way too much about this LSAT and who can’t wait to use that knowledge to help you. And how can they help you? They can:

• Identify your LSAT weaknesses and develop a plan to attack them;

• Supply tips to bring up your speed on all three LSAT sections;

• Craft a study plan to keep you on track through test day;

• Review practice exams to help you do better on the next one;

• Provide emotional support (yes, really!);

• Give you law school admissions advice.

So, to take advantage of this limited-time discount, and all that comes with it, take a look at our tutoring packages, and enter promo code FALL20 at checkout. Again, the offer ends this Friday at 6:30 pm PT, so don’t wait!

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